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eddie haskell Oct 14, 2008 10:37 PM

After a drop-dead gorgeous sunrise, which I missed, for the color had abated from the sky before I got to the spot I wanted to shoot :(

But I made plenty of time to catch the sun leaving. I went back into the bay where I live and shot out from there. Funny thing, the back bay was loaded with salmon jumping....this is very shallow water, and high and dry on low tide. These guys musta got lost, and salmon won't turn around....they will die there and become food for the eagles and otters.

Did I manage to capture the essence of a Pacific Northwest evening?

Can you see the geese flying in front of the sun? If only I had some glass I coulda pulled off a nice silhouette :sad:

The bank after the sun had set....

And the waning effect.....

Don't hold back Rodney :blah:

aladyforty Oct 14, 2008 10:46 PM

I really like the first photo, I can see the geese but only just. Not sure i can see a story in it though

RodneyBlair Oct 15, 2008 9:37 AM

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Hi Eddie,

I have to be honest...I don't get a story from these images. You've found 3 interesting scenes and don't quite know what to do with them. Landscapes really aren't my thing, but for the sake of discussion, I did a few.

Look at your first image again and consider how you can improve on it. What is it that you want the viewer to be most drawn to. I think I know what that is...It's in the title so there is where you'll find your first mistake.

Some may not like it and they might even hate it, but below is a shot that I did over 20 times before I figured out where I wanted to lead the viewer and what elements to include in the scene. The area is much larger than this, but I found what I believed to be the most interesting area.


bahadir Oct 16, 2008 3:04 AM

They can tell your story partly to me because I am alreadysomewhat familiar withyour spectacular surrounding thanks to many eye pleasing pictures you've postedin which your use of silhouttes and their reflections attracted my attention... Actually I can see the geese flyingthough they look sooo remote!How about completing the missing part of the silhouette blown by the sun there, while still preserving the its rays?I know, doing so does not often sound a good idea, buthere it doesn't seems to serve with more than a distracting figure to the overall composition, imo.

My fave is #3 in which youconveyed a pretty nice light interplay on the foliage and an amazing reflection mirroring that beauty,providing, as well, a strong illusion of perspective and a movement doubled by it! I also likedyour containing theforeground allowing the observer the path to share 'your story'while fullfilling its aesthetic duty : ) Actually, it'sthe sensitivity of the artist which often tells of the story!Myhumble suggestion about this photo is cropping out the white artifact on the foreground which looks like a pipeline and a little editing on the sky which looks somewhat pale and a bit much bright (even distractively)for the overall composition, using a selective job of exposure tools. That picture haslots of potential:cool:



musket Oct 16, 2008 2:25 PM


Do they tell my story....?
I'm afraid not, maybe they need to speak up a bit :-)

lovely scenes and sillouttes ..........:cool:.........musket.

ps. great effort by Rodney..........:cool:..........musket

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