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I took this today at a procession in Stratford-On-Avonduring events to commemorate the birthday of William Shakespeare.

I looks pretty good to me, but it's lacking in something and I don't know what. It's afairly tight crop from the original. Unfortunatly to save space I only shot in JPG.

For those who've never heard of him, he's a well loved English actor of stage and television.

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Hi Paul,

I like this shot. It's a tough one to capture due to the contrast of black on white, and I think you've done well.

I think maybe what's hurting it is the bright white wall in the background. I think it distracts from the subject. There's also a small amount of overexposure on Donald's hair (right hand side as we look at him).

Have a go at changing the background to a more neutral colour in photoshop?



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I'd try cropping the shot to cut out the woman beside him, and to cut off the bottom of the picture a little (crotch showing, if you know what I mean).

It's a very nice picture, congratulations!
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This image is pretty good considering the shooting conditions. The flowers are the major distraction here. As another mentioned, the hot background next to the black clothing is another distraction. A gaussian blur and slight burning will help the background distraction.

The flowers are a bit more difficult to fix and keep the image looking natural. You can burn them down a tad and unsharpen them slightly to lessen the impact. I also suggest that the image be cropped so that the flowers are near the bottom of the frame.

You need a little more light up in his eyes. The eyes can be brightened in post and possibly selectively sharpening them will help your image have more impact.

The exposure is very good. I didn't see any blown shadows or highlights. Even his white hair on the highlight side of the face retains all the detail.

I am providing a quick crude edit for demonstration. I hope it will give you some post ideas.

Thank you for sharing.

Rodney Blair
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Old Apr 23, 2006, 7:05 AM   #5
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Thanks all for the helpful comments and especially to you Rodney for the example of how it might look. It certainly looks better when compared side by side with the untouched version. I'll have a go on the full size image and try similar edits.

The exposure on the camera was doing very funny things that day. I'm sure I could have fixed many problems if I'd been using RAW and not JPG. I've decided now to never use JPG again for any reason.
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