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another shot from today...
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ah. found a photo with zero replies so i figured i'd add my two cents. i used to hate posting photos and not getting any feedback. doesn't seem to be a problem anymore though.
very cool photo you have here and some great colors that may benefit from an increase in contrast/saturation. the only issue i see is the hot top right corner. it's just too white and detracts from the rest of the photo. other than that i think you have a winner here. maybe even a mono or BW version too.
Nicely done!

oh one more thing. i woulda prefered to have a larger DOF here. the blurred front and back of the photo also take a little away from it's appeal and impact to me.

-mike j-
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Old Jan 22, 2006, 2:30 AM   #3
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Interesting photo, a lot of potential but overall has a very harsh look to it. It looks like it was either way oversharpened, or is too closely cropped for the resolution of the camera. Also, I agree with Mike about the depth of field. I can enjoy photos with low depth of field, but it doesn't work in this instance. The part of the foreground that is blurry almost appears separate from the parts in focus, oddly making the image appear flatter. This may have been a result of sharpening. Finally, the highlights all seem to have purple fringes. If that's chromatic aberration, that might go away when you close down the aperture to increase DOF. Otherwise, it might be something with the white balance.

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Old Jan 22, 2006, 5:25 AM   #4
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I agree with Mike that more DOF would improve it but I think the colour and texture of it are great.
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i agree.. the biggest distraction for me is the oof area in the foreground.. because its so prominent it draws my eyes right away..

the rest of the shot is presented sharply and is interesting..
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The DoF. Jaki
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