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Frank Doorhof wrote:
I'm never angry on comments, but they have to be correct.
When being read a lesson I want that to happen on the right reasons and not because there would be some rule breaking which can work in the advantage of the shot.

I never apply any rules, except that the shot must be intresting.
Not only is your work highly regarded, I must say you show amazing acuity in differentiating between critique and unbalanced verbal construction and instruction. Reading your insights on the distinctions of critique and its values gives an additional bonus. Good value indeed. If you had not responded we would have missed this chance to get aquainted with a more in depth explanation of your work, and I enjoyed the lesson of your written comment as much as the photographs, as I'm sure others who post honest critique must have.

I enjoyed reading your stratedgy in how you placed your apparatus and why, especially for the jump shot. Your remarks about the small shadows, and what they tell the viewer led me to examine them again. In short, by reverse engineering I am more able to understand the thinking behind more of this and it is appreciated. Thanks, best regards,

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I had a chair like the one in picture 5 a few years ago. It looks much better with Esther sitting on it!
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Everything looks nice with Esther in it .

That chair is a whole story, I was looking for one for 6 months and to be honest lately I really don't want to use these kind of things anymore but I stumbled over one in a local used shop, and I could not resist .
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