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Default Everglade's Bird(s)

I know I'm breaking the rules, but these two pics are so similar.

I'd love any critique on either, or both photos. I took these in the Florida Everglades recently. Personally, i really like these two, and are two of the best animal photos i've ever taken (not that i have taken a lot), but i want other peoples opinions on them, to see what you all think.

Also, here are more photos from this set in the Wildlife section:




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while i like the reflection of #2, the blown whites are a little distracting.

and i prefer the profile of #1 as well. so i prefer #1, it seems to have a little better contrast too. nice one
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I agree with Dustin, the profile of the Heron in the first image is more pleasing to my eye.

Normally, I don't critique other people's work as , Lord knows my work isn't the best but since you asked, the first image would have been significantly better if you had framed the Heron in Portrait mode and included the entire reflection of the bird in the frame.

Just my 2cents.

I did also look at your other 12 shots. Very good series and a great start in wildlife photography.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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#1 Nice shot. I like that it's a shot of both a heron and the 'glades. Too many wildlife shots, IMHO, fill the frame with the animal. I like some context.

Only thing I don't like about #1 is the out of focus light green blob that shows below the bird's head and in front of the it's neck because it makes the head blend into the background a bit. If the blob's color were more of a contrast to the head then it's position wouldn't matter.
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i appreciate all your feedback (sorry I hadn't replied back yet!).

I always seem to have problems with blown out whites.. it still befuddles me.

Zig, i think the reason i used landscape orientation was because too many of my other shots were in portrait, and i just wanted to change it up.

I might try blending the background a bit more in #1 for better contrast. good catch on that.

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