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DomCotton Nov 23, 2005 2:49 PM


I have to say while your pano's are fantastic it is quite nice to see something different!

#1 - I am suprised Dustin missed it but shouldn't he be looking into the frame? Not sure... am still thinking about it... really like the contrast

#2 - Great curve of the people really nice

#3 - Really like the DOF.. love it

#4 - I liked this at first but then thought it would have been better if you had more detail in the mans face. I do like the overall idea... maybe if the sun was a little lower and the rays were a little higher?

#5 - I think this is a little too close - but then I am still struggling to make "amateur photographer"!

#6 - Definately the best of the collection. It has a really powerful feeling and has good detail and contrast.

I really can't thank yourself and Dustin and so many others on this site enough for inspiring and assisting us beginners...


LBoy Nov 24, 2005 4:08 AM

I'm not going to comment too much on the images. These were selected because I thought there were certain artistic elements present in all of them. This doesn't necessarily make them the best reportage examples (where, on my opinion, you can throw the rulebook away.) But then how exactly would I expect a critique for that.

Am I expecting a critique for these? mmm not sure really. This happens to be the board I prefer now most due to the people who visit here, so in general just wanted to put them here for that reason. I will remove them in a week or so.


:-)Yes I do and have posted a fair amount of panos - 9 in total. However I have also included 6 wildlife, 3 street (abstract), 1 cityscape (night), 1 portrait, 3 macro, and 2 night photographs on these forums in the past year.

peripatetic Nov 24, 2005 7:01 AM

Nice to see some stuff from your "day-job". :-)

The most interesting portrait is #1. Unusual composition but all the more compelling for that and technically excellent. Definitely a real connection with the personality of the subject.

For overall visual impact #2. It's original and something quite special. There is an alienness to what is at first glance a very mundane scene. After a few moments in which the viewer simply admires the geometric composition you suddenly become intrigued - "What ARE they doing?!" I keep going back to this again and again.

The rest to me are simply what I'd expect from someone of your ability.

I have to disagree that #6 is the best, the visual feel is very similar to many I have seen before. It's beautifully executed and technically perfect, but the basic notion of the close-up face showing a scene of difficulty or trauma in the background is by now fairly common; not a cliche precisely, but an oft-used visual technique. Looking back through the press awards I suspect you'd find something similar in most years.

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