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Hi everyone,

this is my first post with pictures so take it easy on me I bought a 300D SLR 2 weeks ago and started playing with it. I must admit that it is much harder going from a point and shoot camera. I am getting used to the settings and so far I've been very happy with my purchase. I know that these two pictures below are not that great, but I thought I'd post it here and ask for feedback from the pros - Maybe you guys can give me some pointers so I can take better pictures next time.

First pic

Taken with Canon 50mm f 1.8. Settings: Manual -ISO 100, 1"3, f.10, Auto whitebalance, manual focus, neutral exposure. Besides being underexposed, what else should I improve on this picture?

Second Pic

Canon 18-55mm stock lens. Aperture priority, iso 100, +1 exposure, forgot what the aperture was.

Any feedback is much appreciated. I dont really have the time to take photography class so all I did was to learn slowly from reading articles and tips online.


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Hi Casey,

I am NOT a professional - just an amateur who does fund her photography by selling prints and covering the occasioanl wedding, sporting eventetc. ButI came on your letter and photographs, and felt I had to reply because my younger brother is a very keen modeller and has often asked me to take pictures ofthe cars he has made.

For a first attempt the Ferrari picture was a very good attempt but, if you want to make it look more like the 'real thing' you'll need to go to photomanipulation on our computer. At the scale of the model (I am assuming it's 1/43rd) with windows in any kit built model will always look wrong, and metallic paintwork looks lumpy under sharp focus. Both these problems can be got round by using phopto manipulationin'smoothing' the more lumpy bits of paintwork and removingthe 'inner flap' of the window perspex. I use Serif PhotoPlus 9.0 - mainly because it was the only decent programme I could afford at the time, and now I find it has all the bits and pieces that I normally need when touching up 'for-sale' photos.

The charming graduation photo has, in my opinion, been spoilt by a hefty dose of over-exposure. I just wionder why you used aperture priority in that case unless you were experimenting. Anyay GOOD LUCK with your new camera - I am sure you'll have wonderful fun with it and maybe find your vocaction as a photographer one day.

All the very best, Jane.
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It's great to see your pictures. I'm not a professional either. But it seems to me that "jane" has lots of good advise. Not too pile on but the grad photo could be framed a little tighter on the subjects. Fill-the-frame so to speak. The ladies are so pretty and a nice close shot would show them off or a full body with less above the head. (a lot less). Fill-the-frame.Fill-the-frame. Fill-the-frame. Fill-the-frame.

But wait!!! Didn't you say you were going to a race for pictures in an earlier post. I can't wait to see that. Remember.... Fill-the-frame. Fill-the-frame. Fill-the-frame.

Also... There is lots of good online free instruction for photography. I will look up the links later and post them. In the mean time maybe someone else has them on hand.

Good luck

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Rally I take tons of pics of 1/64 Matchbox and Hot Wheels and others.1 think you need more of is light.Need it on both sides as it looks like you dont have any on your right side.Also as Jane said use Photoshop or some other editing program and use the auto color,levels,curves,and/or shadows and highlights.Also you may need to change your white balance.As for the out of focus you may need to go higher on your fstops.On my point and shoot I used f10 for a crisp picture,but on the DSLR I noticed that I need to use a higher fstop.

Hope this helped


Here is one of my diecast -

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Hi guys thank you for the kind advise. I have a lot to work on my photography skills obviously but all of the tips are very useful. I must admit that I dont have proper lighting on the tamiya model since it is pretty much right on my desk. I will try and provide more lighting next time

As far as the graduation pics, I agreed that I should have zoomed more to fill the pictures and it was overly exposed. Need to learn !

Dale - I did went to a local autocross event today but unfortunately I havent purchased my telephoto lens yet so I had to use the 18-55 stock lense I dont know yet how the pictures turned a little tired to load it right now.

Thanks everyone! you guys are so cool!


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