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I took this picture in downtown Flagstaff last weekend. I really like the colors, but it seems a little too busy. I waited a while to see if someone would drive away in the pickup but hunger won over patience.

So, I guess my questions is how much is too much? Does the pickup balance the tree, and sort of frame the advertisement?

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I wouldn't say this photograph is too busy.

With the pickup truck in the scene it does perfom a balancing act of sorts. At the same time that much of thetruckdoes seem to be too heavy for this picture.

You were waiting for it to move so what was on the other side of it? If there were several smaller signs then it may have done the same balancing act as the truck. On the other hand the truck mayneed to be pushed a little to the left.

I'm neutral on this one.

I've been through Flagstaff on several occasions over the many years. One of them was highway 89 north to your Grand Canyon.

I wanted to kill my father-in-law because he controlled the trip and I could only shoot a very few pictures in the twohours we were there in 1982. What a bummer he was.
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i agree with what andrew mentioned. Im in 2 minds about the shot being colour. not sure if either b&w would help this shot or maybe a touch of selective colouring. I did a quick edit

hope you dont mind.

Even o the edit, im not sure


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Hey Andrew and Ken ... thanks for taking a look, and for your comments. It really helps me learn.

Ken, your edit is cool! While I like the variety of colors in the original, the selective coloring sure highlights the colors in the mural.

Andrew, maybe it's time to return to Arizona! I just got hom from a trip up 89 north of Flagstaff, on my way Navajo Land. I took a lot of pictures .... haven't had a chance to look at them, but if any are decent, I'll post.

Thanks again, take care

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