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Default flower in my yard

i just got my pentax kx a few days ago so i just started. it's a rare rainy day so i decided to take a picture of the only flower in my yard
i rather liked this picture so let me know what you think!
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Looks good Miss! Though I can't really see that the camera has a really good focus point on the flower. Imo, i think adding just a litle bit mor color to the pic, and maybee bluring the surronding out a litle bit more would make the pic great! Love the raindrops on the flower! =)
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Hello Miss, welcome to the forums. This may be a difficult place to post your first picture as it is the Critique forum. The responses you get here will be, (however harsh they may seem), not to be taken personally, critical. Every one I have had contact with here has been as kind as they can and streight forward as well. so that in mind I consider you brave!!!

As mentioned above, the lack of specific focus on the object of the picture (flower), is very detramental to the over all effect of your picture. Also as was mentiioned , too much "other stuff" in your photograph tends to lead the observer away from your subject matter.

I would try to focus on the flower from perhaps a shorter range and use a shallower "Depth of field" to obscure the aloe plants tn the background. The color is not too bad, but could also be improved upon in post processing.

The water on the flowers always makes a good shot in my opinion, but I would think the whole flower would have a better effect from using a macro lens. or something along those lines/

There is a guy here that does beautiful flower shots, I hope he comes by and does a critique for you and if you want you can look up some of his stuff by using the forum search. Look for "Torgny". I wish you the best for the holidays and thanks for sharing!! Frank
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