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I know this isnt as sharp as I would like,but found out today I shake like a 100 yr old man.LOL

Am I cropping and composingcorrectly?Any critiques are welcome.



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by the looks of things...a vertical might've been good...

also, a tripod would take care of the shake

lol, it also is a tad bright for my tastes...

other than that..it's very nice...the background is nicely oof (not solid, but has nice texture, and shows other flowers behind the subject)

i like the leaves too..

these still around for a second try?

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Hi Charlie,

I just shot a couple of these flowers. I believe they are called Golden Bells or Yellow Bells. Anyway, the lack of sharpness isn't because of camera shake. You can get a bit more sharpness in post.

You have some blown highlights on the petals. I under expose 2/3 stop when shooting yellow flowers. It is also helpful have your camera set on spot meter and meter the flower. If you know the background elements are brighter, then adjust your exposure to compensate.

You are using a long tele so you will have a shallower DOF so I'd suggest f/8 or f/9 if you can keep the shutter speed relatively fast. The DOF contributes to some of the softness here. Contrast also affects sharpness. If you have a shorter focal length with macro abilities you'll find it a bit easier for close-up flower shots until you have a better feel for this type of shooting.

I rarely like to see the subject in the center of the frame unless there is a very good compositional reason for it. I don't believe you have a good reason for center placement with this image.

Overall, this is an image you should be proud of. I look forward to seeing more from you.

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