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Ooops, sorry about that. Using levels in either PhotChop or other graphics program is what I meant. Usually found in the Image >Adjustments submenu.

Hope this helps.

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You display a lot of creativity with this image. It is the point-n-shoot technique that is has everyone fishing for possible solutions.

The overall scene here is low key meaning that the majority of elements are dark. In low key scenes, lighter objects become key elements in the scene(distractions from the subject). Unless your subject is wearing black, this may be an image where leaving the subject in color will work nicely. The size of your subject isn't the major problem here...It's the lack of contrast that prevents your subject from standing out.

The tracks providing the lines leading to your subject is very good. If we could see more contrast between the subject and surrounding elements it would have been perfect. I've provided a quick crude edit for demonstrative purposes.

It looks as you were standing on the tracks, pointed your camera and pressed the shutter release. A little more thought prior to the shot would have rendered better results. Here, getting lower to the tracks and zooming in closer or allowing your subject to get closer would have provided a nicer perspective for the viewer. The cropped edit I provide here demonstrates this.

The white automobile and sky are unnecessary elements that are major distractions in this scene. It would have been better to frame these elements out of the scene. Of course, a little cropping will do just fine unless the image you share is already heavily cropped.

Framing of the tracks is too centered. Cropping or framing from the right will provide a more interesting image for the viewer.

Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for the point-outs everyone

Tom Overton: Yes, the picture was taken in New Orleans.
RodneyBlair: I only used Microsoft Photo Editor to make the colored picture into an B&W picture. I didn't do anything else to it. To be honest, I don't think I know how to crop it yet... Maybe I need to mess around with the program. I like the way you modified the picture. Even thought the person is far away, he stands out more now.
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