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I posted this in the Family forum but wanted critiques so posted it here.

Will a Mod please delete it from the other forum. It wouldn't let me do it myself.(sorry, new to the forums)

D70 - 70mm - f4.5 - 1/60 - ISO 200 - Onboard Flash set to ITTL (Didn't have SB800 yet) - using kit lens

Critiques Please

Shot was candid. She HATES having her picture taken.

I had to snap quick when she looked up.

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It looks like she's being a good sport for someone who dosen't like to be photographed.

I would work on the eyes in PS to remove red eye, move and decrease size of highligt for sure.

This would be a good candidate for one of the "painting with light" techniques you can find over on the retouching forum at dpreview.com

She might (or might not) enjoy seeing a version with major "glamour" retouch just for grins.
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When I first began shooting with digital, the first biggest mistake I made was to not allow enough room for cropping. I'd always frame my image in the viewfinder exactly the way I wanted which made printing the various sizes a bit of a challenge and eliminated the opportunity of exploring different crops.

As a final print, placing the subject in the center of the frame isn't particularly pleasing here. Using the rule of thirds, I cropped this image so that the subject is to the left of the frame. Some will say this throws it out of balance, but I feel it provides a more balanced view.

On-camera flash and mid day sun are two of the most unappealing light sources we have available, but pleasing images can be captured in both situations when properly executed. Here, the subject looks pale and lifeless so I've warmed her up similar to how she will look under incandescent lighting.

In their youth, many women spend as much time grooming their nails and keeping moisturizers on their hands to keep them soft and smooth as men do in their entire grooming regimen. More mature women are less likely to flaunt their hands so it is a good idea to avoid getting them in the frame. When they are in the frame, they should be less prominent than you have here. Keep that in mind when attempting to get a nice candid shot.

Candid shots can be just as good as the best studio portraiture when we develop our compositional skills. A little study and lots of practice and you eventually see things as the camera does and it becomes natural.

Thank you for sharing!

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