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JimC wrote:
I spent some time in Hong Kong a few years back when I was involved in a software project (December 1997 timeframe -- just as the news about the Chicken Flu was making the front page of newspapers). ;-)

One of the things that I found fascinating was the diversity you have in a small physical area. For example, you may have a nice office complex on the bottom floor of a building, with everyone dressed in business attire. Yet, you see tenants without as much financial means living in apartments above these businesses, with tattered clothes drying on the balconies.

I saw the same thing in the market areas. You may see modern businesses and restaurants in close proximity to someone selling produce and livestock.

Your photo also captures a similar diversity in construction material. Now, you've got an older building material like Bamboo being used in an area where the buildings' construction is probably based on using concrete and steel.
I think u can see the diversity JimC described very well in this picture, in the background u see a modern building made of glass, in the upper left corner is an old flat, above the road u can see a walkover for pedestrians, these u can find back almost everywhere in hongkong, there are also a lot of 'driveovers' for cars.
on the right side u can see the scaffolding with the people building it by hand, the business that goes on on ground level and with risk for her own life, the granny with the yellow helmet standing on the buslane, passing on the pole's stored on the road.

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So that members are not confused (why a quote from me is in the first post in this thread), fong82 took this quote from another thread in this forum where he posted an image taken in Hong Kong that was commented on:


One thing I noticed about this image was a slightcolor cast (but that could be my monitor as I was adjusting it yesterday).

So, I looked for an EXIF, and noticed you shot this image usingShutter Priority (Tv) Mode with a 1/30 second shutter speed with a Cloudy White Balance setting.

I can't help but think that it may have been a little better using Auto White Balance (or a custom white balance). But, you can always correct this kind of thing with software if the cast I'm seeing is valid. Perhaps others will let you know what they think.

Although it didn't turn out badly, you may want to reconsider using shutter priority with a shutter speed this slow for scenes withmoving subjects (so that you don't get any blur from movement). 1/30 secondis just a little slow if you want a sharp photo if there is much movement going on.

At larger viewing sizes it would be a bit more noticeable (for example where the man going across the crosswalk's left arm is swingingshows some motion blur even at this small size), with other features not as sharp as they should be where movement is present.

Unfortunately, you're taking a photo of a high contrast scene here. You've got a bright sky above, with much darker areas present, too (for example, where people are walking on the sidewalk). So, there is not good way to have the exposure you want in all areas of this scene (too much difference between light and dark). So, you will need to use software to try and bring out shadow detail in this type of image later.

I realize you were primarily showing the image for the diversity in the area. But, since this is a Critiques and Techniques Forum, I wanted to give you my two cents worth for things you may want to look at in future captures. :-)

You may want to spend some time in our Editors (Photoshop, etc.) Forum for some advise (although you will probably get some good advise from the members in this forum, too).

Editing is not one of my strong suits, so perhaps some others can give you some better tips in this area.

Given that you were just demonstrating the diversity I noticed in your original capture, I won't comment further on this one (although other forum members might).

I think it's great that you're showing us the first images from your first digital camera here, and I think you'll find lots of members with far more skill and experience than I have that can help you get the best out of it.

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thnx for your post
as far as i can remember, i was experimenting with the posibilities the camera has. (nikon 8800)
I'm also new to photoshop so i certainly will take a look in the editor's forum, thnx
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