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Another post got me thinking.There are alot of people on here and I was wondering wether your a pro who sells photos or goes out on assignments,are you a serious amateur who has sold pics,are you an amateur who has been doing this for a couple of years,or are you brand new to this?

Dont have to go into details.Just wondering how long you have been taking pictures,and what you levelof interest is.Kind of like a get to know everyone.

Me I have always had an interest in taking photographs.I bought my 1st digital in november of 2001,while I was working down at ground zero.It was a Olympus 3040 and I bought it to take night pics(since I was working nights down there).I didtn take the pics I wanted with it and it became a macro camera for m yhobby and when I went on trips and what not.I just started to take a more dedicated interest in this hobby and then bought the Cannon 20D two weeks ago and havent put it down yet,but weather hasnt been good these 2 weeks.
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Wonderful idea. I have been wondering and speculating about the very same thing. I am leaning toward the notion this is a forum of amatuer enthusiasts, with some who dabble in studio work, and I've not been able to pin point any who do photography exclusively for a living...you know the kind who might work for National Geographic or a newsmagizine or teach this for a living or whatever. I bought a Panasonic palmcorder five years ago with a built in 640X480 digital camera. The 25X zoom on it got me curious enough to begin using the still camera more than the video. Oh...andwhile I was in university a zillion years ago I got some dark room experience, and dabbled in black and white film. The various vacation travels I went on after acquiring the Panasonic left me thinking about getting something more sophisticated and I was just lucky enough to get a Dimage 7i Minolta a week before leaving for London (England) in 2002. I've shot over 40,000 pics in between times and swear I'm on the verge of wearing out this camera. (5 MP 7X optical CF prosumer hand zoom) I completed an advanced digital photography course at our local Technical institute last month. I shoot a lot of outdoors, insects intrique me, plants and flowers I find are great to experiment with macro too because their saturated colors look great if you can get it right. I live in an area where there's lots of wildlife, but find the 7i lacking in that dept, low light focus and big zoom w/IS are next on my list in my new camera if and when I can make a decision on what it will be. I've been practising portrait shots over the winter. Love the work I see here and I look with regularity for some members who post their work often. Normcars wildlife, Frank's studio shots, Baasac's scenery, Peripatetc's flowers, Aladyforty's inventory and regular contributions...all come to mind and tho there are many others... these membershave helped me keep my enthusiasm kindled and eager to try to imitate the marvels they post. Thanks, I hope we see lots of intro's here, wonderful idea, best regards,

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The name's Chris Kayler. I started photography last June, and just turned 18, about a week ago. I began shooting birds mainly, and wildlife when I found it, but over the past month I have branched out into macro and landscapes as well, and am loving it. I absolutely want to make a career out of nature photography.

I've recently put up a website, please take a look and give me some comments, good and bad, on it.

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no one else?:?
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Old May 2, 2005, 7:44 PM   #5
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Hello there

i'm Vito Paratore...

i've been shooting for 2 years (seriously) and owned my G2 for 3 years..i've spent a lot of time on here (lol, you don't get 5500+ posts by checking in once a week ) and a couple other sites, and reading books on photography..

now i have a Canon 300D, the kit lens, and a sigma 70-300mm macro...

buuut, i'm about to get my 17-40L :-D

here's my website


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Heloo. im shawn from BC, Canada.

i just bought my first real camera 2 weeks ago. pentax *ist DS.

i love it so far!
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Old May 2, 2005, 9:21 PM   #7
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Dang! I got boots older than you guys. :-)

I'm just an amatuer--No income from photos. But I use my camera in my work to document jobs and show the results. I've been using a camera for 40+ years. It wasn't until I got a Canon A1 (about 20 years ago) that I really appreciated the technical side of photography. I just recently joined the 21st Century with my first digital camera. It's the greatest thing since sliced bread! :-)


Custom Car Works
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Old May 3, 2005, 12:05 AM   #8
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Name------- Lonnie Honeycutt
Age-------- 55
Gender----- Male
Married 35Yrs

Always had a passing interest in photography as I would get interested in things I felt I should potograph. When I was in my 20's I was interested in skydiving and bought a Pentax K1000 for $100. Only bought 400 film and I was ready for anything, I could even take a picture of a candle with no flash and no other light. Now I and my wife have our own computers and a granddaughter and I have a reason to take pictures or at least an interest. The camera I own now is my 5th digital camera and it is a Oly C8080wz. Below is a pic of why I want to take pictures now. She's 2 1/2 and I think she is totally charming.

Thanks, Lonnie
Attached Images
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hey all ... i'm 18 and have been into photograghy for about a year ... i chose digital imaging in my final year as an elective and learned a bit about how photoshop works, then i brought a camera (canon powershotS1 IS)

i love me photography, and also would liketo somehow pursue a career in this field (maybe psychedelic trance travel photograhy) ...but i LOVE taking pics of the natural world ... from frogs to mushrooms, to freaks dancing in the bush :?

nice site chris kayler, i luv your pics .... good luck with everything

heres a few DOOF pics (doof is aussie word for outdoor psychedelic trance gatherings where the pixie folk eat lots of acid, smile heaps and boogie on into the cosmos!)

some FROGS!


my general collection of assorted STUFF!

good luck withyour photography all.... don't forget to enjoy the moment !

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I'm 41 and have been an amateur shooter since about 1982-83, when I bought a Konica TC, traded that inon a new Pentax MG, then traded that in for a used Canon AE-1. The bug bit my dad at about that time too; he bought an AE-1 Program and we collected some lenses and stuff and got subscriptions to a few magazines. We had plans to build a darkroom in the basement, but between not being able to quite afford the equipment and "burning out" on the hobby after a few years, that didn't happen.

One of the perils of having more than one film camera around the house is having one sit around too long. The last roll of film I had processed had pictures from 2 Christmases, so I went through a few digital P&S cameras and finally bought a Minolta DiMage Z1 just over a year ago. It has been a worthy near-replacement for the AE-1, which developed the infamous squeak a couple of years ago. (I still hope to get it repaired--maybe later this year.)

My favorite photo subjects are nature scenes and airplanes. Candid people-pictures are fun, too, with the Z1's zoom.

(As for the home darkroom--my dad and I both have digital cameras and computers, so that olddaydreamcame true in a way we couldn't have imagined 22 years ago.)
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