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Alright, i'll jump on board with this one as well.

Name: Travis Swentosky
Age: 18
Location: Penn Run, PA, USA
College plans: Double Major in Information Technology, and Computer Forensics. And take the home study course from the NYI of Photography.
I got into photography when i was about 10 years old with a point and shoot 35mm.

As i got older around 15 and 16, i learned to take photos the old fashioned way with a Canon A-1 35mm, with 50mm, 135mm, and 400mm lenses.

Digital finally took hold at 17 years old, when i purchased a point and shoot 4MP Camera, and then upgraded to my current camera the Canon Digital Rebel.
As for my skill level, i consider myself a Semi-Pro, because of the fact that i do sell a lot of my pictures from highschool sports to the parents of the athletes.

The amount of knowledge i have gained from this website is unbelievable. Photographers like Mr. Doorhof, and Kalypso have provided me much detail on how composistion should be set up.

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~My name is Gregory T. Schmidt and I live right in the City of Brotherly Love. Philly's a great place and there is a staggering amountof history here.:shock: I'm sixteen, a junior, and I'm homeschooled. I got into photography around two years ago. My parents got tired of developing my pictures taken from a disposable camera (the photos stunk), so they suggested that i look for a cheap digital. I got a Canon A10 in 2002 whichI used mostly for taking pictures of different events at my church. I got tired of how some of the pictures that I took came out and started looking around at different cameras. After around three months of researchingI settled on the G5. Since I got my G5 I've gained a great deal of photography know how. I'm a die hard fisherman and absolutely love the outdoors. My real desire is to take wildlife photos, which my G5 can't effectively do. I plan on getting the 20D this upcoming fall so I can expand my photography. I'm planning on going into a career where photography will be used. Criminal Justice, Marine Biology, US. Fish And Wildlife, or Wildlife Conservation. Eventually I'd like to get a gallery or website up and running. I have enjoyed reading the many posts and learning new things from all of you~


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