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I have been using Element 3 and I am learning more each day.

I have been using the unsharp mask and levels to get my pictures to clean up. I have a few noise programs like noise ware and neat image that I have been using to help with noise. Is there a way to use the noise reduction tools in Elements. When I have tried it I have not had good results. Any help would be appreciated.

Also what would be the next tool that I should try to learn more about that you are using a lot of to help get the most from my pictures. One last question, is there anywhere to tell the resolution of a photo after it is cropped so I make sure I am not cropping it too small for a quality print?

Thank You for your help.
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I saw just play around I've been messing around in PS for at least 10 year, or so it seems.
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Hi, RP33! I'm also relatively new to digital ( 2 yrs or so) and I use PS7, PSE2 and just downloaded trial version of PSE4. So I would suggest to check out Steve's 'Editors' and 'Plug ins' forum. You will find a lot of priceless information there. Do ''search''. Also try to Google for Photoshop Elements tutorials. Tons of information. Thats what I did. I could mention some other forums, but I'm not sure if this would be polite.
Due to noise reduction, I have both noiseware and neat emage and they are very good. I like noiseware better. Try default setting first .
I think PSE3 has its own tutorials in it. Read as much as you can and play around like Matthew said. You'll be very happy to see the results.

The only info I couldn't find is: where can I find enough time for this...:sad:

Best regards and good luck !


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if you shoot in RAW, the noise reduction in conversion usually works as well if not better than most standalone products..

the next tools you should be looking into are "levels" and "curves" these will allow you to adjust contrast and exposure to get the most out of your pics.. i recommend just playing with it, you will soon get the hang of it, or check out some books or online tutorials for a few general ideas.. some have some good illustrations to go by..


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