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I totaly love doin this and im have a whole lot of fun with it. Im just wondering what you guys think? How am I doin for starters? These are straight from the cam with no editing.
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Your taking pictures, which is a good start.

You remind me when I first started.

First of all, try to keep your horizon level. If you take a shot where the horizon is not level, most photo software will let you rotate the photo one degree at a time until it is level.

Secondly, I would start thinking about "rule of thirds". Place your horizon at the upper thirdline or lower third line of the photo.

You'd probably do well to get yourself a book on basic photographic rules of composition. You can also browse the web and get some free info on the topic.

I like to study other people's photos and think about what makes them work, or why they are not working. Then apply that learning to your own photos.

After about 5,000 photos later, you can look back on your previous work and see how much you've improved.

There is no comparison to the photos I take now, and the photos I took 10 years ago. The improvement is 1000 percent!

-- Terry
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Ive almost completely read this thing.

Yeah I know my horizons are off. I completely noticed that. And I really do use the rule of thirds. Some times my pictures dont end up that way, but they still look neat so i dont just shove em off to the side. Thank you for your imput. I really appreciate it.
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You are doing very well for starters. Nice eye and nice style. Keep up the good work. One thing to work on: juxtaposing light and dark. You've got some good ideas in that area. The camera doesn't treat light and dark areas the way you see them and the more you can anticipate how the camera will treat light and dark areas the better your photos will be.
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I only looked at the first one,and opinion is 1. the horizon is tilted, making it look as if the lake is going to run off the left side of the photo 2. What I suppose is a subject is centered in the photo, an idea that rarely works 3. The most critical thing is that I really don't know what should grab my attention i.e. what is the subject? Three rules for composition are 1. simplify 2. simplify 3. simplify. If I don't know what I am supposed to be looking at in a photo, it didn't work. I hope that you will take this criticism in the spirit of being constructive.
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I appreciate your critism. Helps me adjust my photos. Im havin a hard time finding out what i want to take pictures of now. I need to start traveling or somthing. Find more things. Thanks guys.
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I'm a total newb so don't take anything I say seriously, but I just wanted to say I like the 4th picture. I like the contrast of the blue sky/water, with the decking. It makes the photo look a little dramatic. If that was my photo, I'd photoshop it a bit and make the deck a little richer in colour, likeslightly less blue, just to make it stand out even more against the blue lake/sky. But my monitor is on its way out, so I might be seeing inaccurate colours. Oh, and I'd straighten thehorizon of the lakea bit.
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Terry gave you some real good advice.. and i totally agree with what he said.. keep those few things in mind, study some pictures you find on here, and you will find yourself improving in no time..

also, next time, will you just post one photo per thread to help us focus our critiques... thanks!!

best regards, and look forward to seeing many more...

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