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Docking and I am still in my cabin and I left my camera in the window sill. I like this picture for a number of reasons but mostly for the faces of the girls in the photo. These people are hired by Carnival Cruise Lines to pose with us as we leave the ship. I know this isn't art but it is a good picture.

Of course I would like to hear comments.

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You've gotten a nice shot, but will probably get better suggestions in the editing forum because that is what is mostly lacking here. Here is a quick edit for comparison. I had to compress heavily, but it has the potential to be a nice sharp image with nice vivid colors.

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I really like the color and costumes. The girls are also cute and you've captured them nicely.

It seems like the more people you're trying to get in a photo, the harder it sometimes gets to capture the shot you want.

Waiting for heads not to be blocked, being able to see as many faces as possible, waiting for facial expressions to change to getsmiles,etc. is always tough to do (especially if youwant a candid versus posed looking shot).

In this case, it seems like a combination of both. For example the girl at the bottom is posing for the camera, and the man above her looking to the side doesn't seem to notice it. The person in the center has their face blocked by their hand and is staring at the camera. So, it's both ways. It's both candid and posed.

Sometimes you get that when taking photos of groups that aren't being paid, too (since some will notice the camera before you get the shot sometimes).

But, since you toldus the story (i.e., they are being paid by the cruise line to have their photos taken, or rather "pose", which I interpret the same way), I sort of wish that the person in the center wasn't sittingthat waywith their head in their hand, blocking part of their face while staring at the camera. :-)


Looking at it closely, it appears that the highlights may be abit blown on the white costume and hat (although some of what I'm seeing could be from downsizing and compression, it looks like a few areas are overexposed). The white lace on the red dress one of the girls is wearing seems fine though. You may have needed tometer it differently, or perhaps use a -EV Setting with Exposure Compensation to get more of the detail in the white hat and costume, depending on your camera's available metering modes and behavior.

That's always tough, too (getting the dynamic range you want) without the need to edit later. But, as a general rule, it's better to err on the side of underexposure to keep from losing detail in the highlights (it's much easier to pull it out of shadows, and it's lost if you overexpose).

In this case, the lighting must have been overcast, since it'srelatively even lighting with no noticeable shadows that I see. So, the dynamic range you needed for this shot wasn't as wide as sometimes seen.

I don't see any EXIF, soI can't tellwhat camera you used (which is OK, EXIF not required here). But, if you've got one that supports RAW with decent performance, you could have saved the detail in the white costume and hat that appears to be lost from slight overexposure from what I can see from the downsized image. JPEG is fine, too (but then you need to err on the side of underexposure, try to meter for the highlights, and be moreaware of dynamic range limitations for best results).
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