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Howdy folks. Just got a new computer after the other one seriously died, so this is the first time I've had a chance to upload for a week or so. Unfortunately I lost alot of my photos. In fact most of them are gone forever. Blast digital. Good news: I just got a next to new FM2 that only needs lenses for free. So film is coming next. Anyway, this was taken during the day while riding my bikecycle to class. Any suggestions are appreciated. Kyle

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1430359758/
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Apologies in advance if I'm too harsh here.

This image does not do much for me. First, I'm not sure if this image is supposed to be a landscape photo. If it is supposed to be a landscape, it lacks interest. I think the main problem is that the sky is way too dull to warrant framing so much of it into the scene. Yes, the sun is there, but there's so much dull sky beneath it that it hurts the emotion of the landscape. If I were you, I'd crop out most of the sky. I have attached a modified image with the crop.

For me, this crop somewhat fixes another problem, a weak foreground subject. Putting in so much bland sky forced me to quickly ignore what was in the lower half of the image. Cropping out the sky really brings the dock silhouette into attention. It also makes the sparkly reflections of the sun more interesting instead of being a nuisance.

It also fixed another issue. Most often, horizons directly in the center of the image make for boring compositions. Think rule of thirds. This is more of a convention rather than a rule, but you'd need a really striking composition to get away with it. By cropping out most of the sky, the horizion is now more to the top third.

If you were really insistent on including the sky, I would try spot metering your camera on the lower portion of the sky. This might help bring out more detail and more color into the sky.

- Jason
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Thanks Jason. That's exactly what I needed to hear, actually. To me the shot wasn't particularly exciting, but it was pleasing. I see now though how it could have been better. Looking at the original back to back with your version I dont' honestly know what I liked about it. Yours definately makes it from a quick shot to something a little more viewable. I find my eyes dragging up to the sun in mine but more willing to look at the entire shot. Kyle
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