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Default Just Another Sunset

Took these earlier in the year just got around to editing them. Not sure if they're worthy, so they're in the critiques section so I can get some input.

Taken near Brimley, MI. Was hoping for a better sunset that night, but the clouds moved in too thick in the wrong areas of the sky.


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Just my opinion, but I think the shots are way to dark...The first one you can say, "ok, thats a shore line" but that is about it as far as whats in the photo...Second one, doesn't work at all for me....Sorry....
I love going after a sunrise or sunset, so if I have to try 2 dozen times before getting a good one, it doesnt matter because your out doing something you like...
Hope you don't mind, but here is a sunrise I got a month or so ago...
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Hi, Sorry have to agree here far to dark. In the 2nd one there is nothing in the left as you look at it.
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Thanks for the comments guys. I struggled with getting good results on sunsets all summer. Either too dark or too light and washed out.
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I like the darkness in them, particularly the first. The second could stand to have some of the left side cropped, as there is too much blank space. A little tonal adjustment to give them some shadow detail might not hurt.

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I would have to agree with Brian. The first one is my pick as it looks like an introduction to a movie scene. While people photograph sunsets with a lot of color like Johns' post and those are really nice, I don't see as many of the darker ones like you posted which I enjoy also. In my opinion, you are not trying to get a specific subject clearly, you are capturing a mood, which you have done really well with the first one. The second one is as stated above by others. I think timing and patients are key factors also, if you wait on these sometimes as the sun sets below the horizon it will light up the clouds from underneith with a spectacular showing of color.....Frank
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The are certainly different and I think they have potential. First essential thing is correct the horizon. Next, get the horizon out of the middle, generally you want to change the balance of the photo (start with the rule of thirds and then play around), right in the centre can be good for a shot with clear symmetry in the reflection.

Going more into composition getting more sky or more land and also crop the left as there is a large area of no detail. In the 2nd taking the top right section with the grass taking a position that is roughly on the top left 3rd gives a much stronger result.

I would certainly say play around with this idea as you could end up with some nice, non run of the mill, shots.
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Ok, thanks for all the feedback guys. Like the few others, I kind of like the darker colors in the shots so I didn't change them, but I tried a different crop for each. I also tried to level out the horizon a bit, but I have a bad eye when it comes to that, so I'm not sure if they are any better. Let me know what you think.

#1 take 2

#2 take 2
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The new ones look much better! I especially like the second shot very much. You see how much a lilte croping can do!? From a picture that had way to much black area in it, to a lovely picture! Good job!
Best Regards,
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