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Hi, There is a part of the session that I've done with some kids and while having lot of problems with lights having into consideration that the kids were very bad(running all the time) I managed to make some photosbut I'mnot so satisfied.....

Hope for yor comments

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Love the little girl shots, they have real character!

Not much to say about the little boy, he doesn't look like he was having as much fun as she was!

Good job I say!

Sounds stressful!
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shots 2 and 4 are very nice

yes the little boy looks very rigid and uncomfortable. Unfortunately this shows through in the shots

however technically the shots are very nice


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Hello ZAKD,

Posting several images in a thread make it difficult to critique your work and I believe the moderators still request one image per thread. If you will post each image in a separate thread, I'll do my best to respond to each. For this thread, my comments are about the first image only.

It appears that you are using 2 lights. One key light and one light for fill. To simplify the learning process, I suggest that you place the key light to the left of the camera and the fill light directly above the lens are very near the right of the lens. Ideally, the fill light will be directly in-line with the subject's nose.

You should see shadows created by the key(main) light only. If you see shadows created by both key and fill, then the fill light is not doing it's job which is to "FILL" the shadows. Placing the fill light in-line with the subject's nose will eliminate shadows created by the fill light unless you are off on the lighting ratios.

While adjusting the key light, use your modeling lights to determine how the catchlights in the eyes will look. You should see one catchlight in each eye from the key light and possibly a smaller one from the fill light. The catchlight created by the fill light can be cloned out. For most images, you will want the catchlight to be at 2 o'clock & 10 o'clock in the subject's eyes. If you get the catchlight placement by use of the modeling lights, then you are pretty safe.

For close-up shots, the film plan should match the facial plain.

Thanks for sharing.

Rodney Blair
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