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Pawprints Dec 4, 2005 7:11 AM

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I went to Lapland earlier in the year. I have a basic digital olympus, and am mainly just a quick snapper. I quite liked this shot but would be grateful for some feedback, as I would like to get into photography a bit more.


Hards80 Dec 4, 2005 1:00 PM

you got some nice elements here.. the little stream leads the viewer nicely into the scene, and you avoided putting the horizon in the middle of the frame.. and you have plenty of depth of field.. so i think you did well here..

things to improve or think of next time.. shoot from a lower perspective to make the stream look larger and then shoot from an angle to see if you can get the stream leading the viewer diagnally into the frame.. maybe find a rock or something in the stream to be a nice beginning / foreground element.. just don't be afraid to work a scene and take several shots..


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