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discodudette wrote:
That's really good timing you had there! I am a friggen pansy and when i try to take lightning shots i sit in my room inthe dark with my tripod and think about all the scary murderers standing behind me. then i sually sprint over to my bed and lay under my covers and then i eventually turn on a light. and then turn it off again and repeat the process. sooo that story was trying to lead me to talk about how i am impressed with your patience and non-scaredy-cat-ness. so.. kudos.
I bet you get a lot of great shots that way. :-)

Don't worry, when I was little, I would hide in the house every time I heard a distant rumble. Funny, now I love the sound and lights of a storm.

By the way, that's a far better lightning shot than I have achieved to date.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

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I guess my last post wasn't too constructive. Gah i'm a board-hog!! Okay now to the constructive part. I like how the lightning is off-center, I like the exposure that you see the clouds on top yet you still get the color of the sky, i like the foreground because it gives a sense of depth. I think your exposure is about as near-perfect as you can get.

I guess that wasn't too constructive either that's just praise!
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also, either completely silhouette the treeline, or open it up a bit.. composition could be a little tighter as well.. just some things to work on now that you have capturing the lightning down..
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