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Hi Aumma45,

I didn't try to answer your question because I hoped someone more qualified than I am might give it a try.

Basically; photo stitching programs allow a person to create one large image from a series of images that overlap each other. You need to set out with the intention of creating a stiched photo. Many cameras have a stitch mode that shows the overlap between shots in the LCD. I found that unhelpful. With my small camera on a bright day a tripod was unnecessary, but one would probably be helpful in less perfect lighting situations.

Different stitiching programs have different abilities. The program I tried, AUTOSTITCH, was able to take pictures that were in no particular order, arrange, rotate, and stitch them together with almost no interaction from me.

You can find a pretty good explanation of the concept at the University of British Columbia website which is also the site where I obtained the program. I found out that the link I gave at the start of this thread cannot be accessed directly. (sorry about that) You will have to go to: http://www.cs.ubc.ca/, then enter autostitch in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page. Choose the PANARAMA article.

Also if you scan down the list of Steve's Forums, you will find one called Panarama / Stiching in the software section. You should be able to find additional info there.

Vinny C

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