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Ditto to the other suggestions for improvement. This is a lovely location. Do you have any photos with other details, close-ups, other vews, etc.? If you do, I'd love to see some.
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nice location you have ther

i like the sharper edit and i found the original way to soft. possibly a focus issue. i also think the ground detail is lost due to the lack of brightness. ofcourse correcting the levels to reveal all this detail in the ground will most probably blow out your sky.

lok fwd to more of your work


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fiteb, I have been an photo instuctor at the University of Texas El Paso since 1984 so I will take a kind of clinical approach to my evaluation of your picture.

This image is what I would call a snapshot, not a photograph. It shows no insight to any photgraphic rules of compostion, it's just a picture of place you were.

The dark trees (left) and structure below them are undefined, resulting in wasted picture area, they also are hiding a pyramid.

The grass edge across the bottom of the pic is, once again, useless to the photograph.

There is no central point of interest, no one place that the eye is drawn to.

The horizon in centered, usually a picture killer - study the rule of thirds.

Next time you find yourself in a large expanse, try to think how it will look as a 4x6 print. Don't try to put the entire area in one picture, instead think about shooting parts or pieces to tell us a story about it. As I often tell my students - You can't fit the entire Grand Canyon into one photograph.

Africa -

The best way for your photagraphy to get better is to keep shooting and study the craft.
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dear friends

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"is a little bit difficult to my, express in english, but i want to improve 2 things.one is my bad/wrong english, and the second one, ismy photograph. i mean i am a beginner/ liric photographer (just hobie), but is very importan to me, your feed back for my work. i read about thirds of composition, i agree with africa.and i was wondering if is permited to edit or cropp the composition an do a new one.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"the problem that a see in this part is that changing colors, making a tricks in the snapshoot is like trick to the wiewer.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"how can i put 2 post or more ? can i?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Africa, exist a tutorial of digital photograpy, where i can learn preferably in spanish

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"i hope this will be better
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I very much like the original composition for the intensity of light in the clouds, and the antiquity of the structures. The only thing I find to be a problem is the lack of light and detail in the shadowed areas. This is a camera limitation which can be corrected.

Using Photshop Elements 3, I adjusted using shadows/highlights, then applied some high pass sharpening to bring out a bit more detail.

In order to post more than one picture at a time, you must link to another photo hosting site where your pictures are located. In this forum, though, it is preferred to just discuss one per thread.

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I like your second post and VT's editing.

I'm embarrassed to admit I grew up in El Paso, Texas and I never learned Espanol, but I am committed to helping you find some good on-line sources, just give me a little time.

"i was wondering if is permited to edit or crop the composition and do a new one." YES!

"the problem that a see in this part is that changing colors, making a tricks in the snapshoot is like trick to the wiewer."

This shows you have an ethical approach to photography and life! Never let go of that, you should be proud.


Remember that film or digital cameras do not 'see' the same way the human eye seems. I can't possible get a print to express what I saw the first time I went to Canyon del Cobre. The vast, large feeling of space, the grandness of that place can only partially be captured in photographs.

As a photojournalist (newspaper photograph) I was absolute about never telling a lie or misinterpreting what I saw and what I presented to my editors or readers.

But 'personal' photography is not about what you saw when you took a picture but what you felt. In the canyon I could feel a slight cool breeze, I could hear the water cascading over the falls and I could feel the texture of the rock I climbed.

While it is my goal to have people feel and see what I did, all I can do is get close, and if that means that I edit or change the way the print looks, I think that's OK.

Please understand I would never add clouds to a sky or put a wild animal I shot at the zoo into a picture of a landscape phopto and then try to sell it as the real thing. But just as I would use a polarizing or graduated ND filter, or dodge and burn a B&W print, I will manipulate a photograph to look like what I saw, or if I can what I felt.

It is sometimes a fine line between truth and a lie and one way to avoid crossing that line is to always let people know what I have done to an image befor I sell it.

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