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aladyforty wrote:
Overall, the quality is acceptable, but as a red blooded male, I'd prefer to see your efforts expended on posting something female (for a change...you know, a little variety) try giving Kalypso or Frank a run for their money! It's obvious you've mastered the male model. Best regards,


Oh come on Kenneth:-)Ive been surfing this site for ages and seen hundreds of boobs in tubes and the female form has had pretty much the full run of people photos, Ive seen more photos of "Jess" than I can remember (nothing wrong with that, Jess is a lovely model) but up until Rodney started posting, very few artistic male shots to look at, Now as a red blooded woman, I think Im afforded the same chance to view these very nice male models being posted. as much as you guys have enjoed the other sex:-)
well, ya.....!

My mea culpa on that is, I am trying to learn how to do female portraits, and I do sit up and take notice when someone posts this category. Overall appeal I suppose catches my eye more than technical perfection. I like to learn from the experts as much as possible, but sadly, I draw a blank looking at males portraits. By talking the talk critiqueing posts I take a keen interest in I am reasonably sure that Rodney can "walk the walk" when it comes to posting pics that have all the refinements missing in the ones he comments on. How else will us newbs really understand what he means when he lists a list of reasons why a picture is ruined because of these flaws? I agree you guys...uh...girls should get some eye candy too. Rodney was kind enough to post a female type portraitfor me, and I intend to have a good look at it, apply my critique to it, compare it to others on this site, in the same category and prove to myself that this guy CAN walk the walk and isn't just making a lot of technical sounding noise. It's part of my ongoing education in this fascinating hobby.I must learn!Best regards,

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I can see your point there. As much as I enjoy the male photos one has to admit that the female form is more photogenic.
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aladyforty wrote:
I can see your point there. As much as I enjoy the male photos one has to admit that the female form is more photogenic.
I dunno bout that. I can make an average looking guy look pretty dang good, but an average looking girl will look average.

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