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I like carrots take on this even with the branch. I think my wife would like to have this hanging in the hall. I love the scene and the tree is super against the landscape. Maybe a little more color to it and work with the saturation and curves and that is a wall hanger here.
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Old Oct 31, 2005, 7:29 PM   #12
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i think carrots take on this shot is perfect. you've made a rather plain shot much more

palatable. i'm going to mess with this one for a bit and

lets see what i can come up with.

thanks everyone for their input!

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Old Nov 1, 2005, 2:44 AM   #13
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Sorry to sound harsh but that last shot is a mess..... The tree is still centered, the branch corrupts the top right and now the only winning element- the top of the orange trees water reflection is cropped away.

You need to go back over this. You have seen the potential in this scene but are not making the most of it. Hopefully there is still time to get another try at this.

Starting from the left side I would shoot from just slightly out from the large house to include the dark green trees,come in a 1/3, 1/5 to the orange tree... include all the the trees of differing colours, move out to frame with the outside green trees.

As has been mentioned - better to find a better position for the orange tree at least, - sitting a third in from either side. Even a fifth would work if you could get a really nice sky reflection in the water, otherwise go thirds to extenuate on this tree. Also try to shoot from aposition if possible that will not angle the opposite water bank off horizontal. After that you can remove some distracting elements in PS, (definitely the twohouses in the trees. Thenup the contrast and tweak the levels, some sharpening. Selective colour for the sky, or better still bracket the shot on the day of shooting or use a poleriser....

oh and also.... if you cant manage a totally calm water surface (try early morning) then cheat, -Layer in the actual tree yourself in PS. Adding a slight amount of blur will still hold more detail and a nicer effect than isshown currently.

Don't crop out the reflection ... haha..

Better luck next time.

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Old Nov 1, 2005, 8:44 PM   #14
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unfortunately, this was a few shot deal.

i should have taken a lot more shots at a lot more angles on this and the few days it

wasn't raining.

we had a doozy of a deluge yesterday and it blew off most of the leaves.

a lesson learned...

i do have a few more from this shoot. maybe i can find somethig decent.

thanks guys, but i think this one is a loss.

maybe next year.........

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Old Nov 1, 2005, 9:06 PM   #15
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a little better?
Attached Images
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Old Nov 1, 2005, 10:29 PM   #16
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Hmmmm, I seem to Like Carrots' edition, but that branch keeps drawing my attention away.
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Old Nov 2, 2005, 1:29 AM   #17
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The edit I put up is not meant to be a finished product. The branch definitely should not be there, but cropping it out would have made the shot less wide, and not get my idea acros. The reflection of the tree should be there.

It is simply my "vision" (a bit of a presumptuous word) for the shot.

I dont like editing other peoples shots in detail. It feels a bit like stealing the shot to me. I merely wanted to get an idea acros.

If I were to be there and took a shot. Then I would have seen all the mistakes I made (more than E.S. Crawford made, I am sure). Then I would have gone back and tried to get shotswith the same general idea as my edit.

And I also know, to get my idea of the shot perfectly, you will probably need a wide lense or stitching. And need to be in a boat on the lake as to avoid all those branches.

I hardly find the original 2 shots flat and uninteresting!
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