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klfatcj Oct 7, 2005 2:08 PM

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Any comments would be welcome.

My wife and I put on house concerts for mainly local artists. Lighting for photos is tough - in this case just a floor lamp to the singer's right (dim), a 40 watt lamp behind and to her left and the overhead light very dim (basically - tough to read a book where she is standing). Shot with a rebel XT, sigma 70-200 lens at 200mm, f2.8 1/40, ISO 800, AWB a bit of sharpening and increased the colour temperature. Just learning how to shoot these.


Hards80 Oct 7, 2005 4:06 PM

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i am not a huge fan of the color on this shot... but then again, for these shots i prefer a grainy black and white look.. just for kicks, you may convert this one to black and white and add some noise in the form of film grain to give it the look of fast black and white film.. i think this look is killer withconcert pics.. you may play with the levels as well to get a little more contrast..

here is a quick n dirty edit


[email protected] Oct 8, 2005 8:20 AM

It's a nice shot but the focus is a little off.

Her hands are out of focus, and face is not entirely in focus.

I don't mind the color.

Nice looking lady!

-- terry

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