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Hi everyone,

As i mentioned in the "What to buy" section, i was fortunate enough to pickup a Kodak DX7590 at a bargain price about 2 days ago.
I took the camera out for a few shots and got this just as the sun was going down.

Please bear in mind, i know nothing about digital camera's or photography for that matter, but would love to get opinions/advice from the experts on how i could better a shot like this for my next outing.

BTW, the only adjustment made to the pic was resizing for the forum.

Thanks! :-)
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for straters you did a good job.

as you can see there are shadows in some of the pettles. This is usually concidered not good, unless you can use it creatively.

In lighting lingo the term would be "hard light". The opposite would be "soft light". To create this you need to put something white but somewhat see-through in between the flower and the light source (the sun). Another way is to use something white on the shadow side to reflect some light back into the shadowed areas.
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I agree with wass. You need a diffuser for the flash or the light source you were using. A diffuser will scatter direct light, making for a much softer light source.

I like how you photographed the flowers with a simple black background. I would go further with simplifying the image by including fewer flowers in the frame, even going so far as to reducing it down to a couple or just one flower. With flowers, you have the latitude to get some insane detail from an individual flower. If your camera has a macro mode, you can get real close to a single flower.

Not too bad for a first attempt. Certainly better than what I could muster up when I first started photographing things.

- Jason
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Thanks for the replies and advice wassa and Illuminati. :-)

I've been madly reading some photgraphy books i got out of the library.
I'll definitely check out if they have sections on soft/hard light (didn't know about this). Wassa, it sounds like i should have cropped out the dark petals?

Illuminati, in all honesty i didn't use anything for the black background, this is how the picture turned out. I have no idea why or how it happened.

I'll definitely keep in mind on my next flower outing, that "less is better" and will try for some single shots. :-)

*edit* I needed to ask a question about this camera but have now put it in the kodak section.
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