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I tried to learn this technique. I didn't use tripode and I did it with only two shots.
She is the Spanish Navy training sail ship Juan Sebastian Elcano in Cádiz port.

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Louis, this has not worked for me. Regards. Jaki
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G'day again,

gotta say nice looking boat but yeah doesn't catch me.

But having said that time for me to sound like a noob, but what is a HDR shot? I wonder if I have done any myself yet?

Righteo then have fun.

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HDR stands for High Dynamic Range... basically you shoot a number of shots correctly exposing the different parts of the image and thenuse software to combine them so that the entire image is exposed correctly. For example in this shot he probably exposed the ship and the foreground in one shot and blew out the sky and then exposed for the sky on the second and lost detail in the boat. The using software these images were combined for a wel exposed image.
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i think you probably did the technique correctly. but i am not sure this shot was the best showcase.. and just taking 2 shots is not really enough to make the most of it..

to really show what this technique can do, get yourself set up just before sunset on a semi-clear day, therefore you will have a large contrast difference between the land and the sky..

so get ready and when the sun is at the perfect point for your shot.. take an average reading and take 1 shot. then overexpose by a stop and shoot, and then overexpose 1 stop again and shoot, and then overexpose a 3rd time by another stop and shoot again. then go back and do the same thing underexposing by a stop 3 times.. that will leave you with 7 shots of the same subject at different exposures..

then combine these in HDR, i think you will be amazed at the detail that you will get in both the land and the sky.. you will be blown away and i think you will have a lot of fun doing it..

cheers my friend,
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