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jak3 Dec 30, 2005 10:59 AM

oliver, the 2 year old great dane

i really like it, but im open to critiques

sorry if it's too big

Hards80 Dec 30, 2005 11:06 AM

hey jak,

welcome aboard.. and it looks like you have a cute subject there to practice on..

here's my critique of your shot..

The Good- i am very glad you got down to nearly eye level with your dog.. and you have a very natural "pose" here to work with.. exposure looks generally pretty good..

To Improve- be careful chopping off body parts that are important.. so here you cut off the nose, so watch that next time.. also, the weeds are distracting, i am sure they were inevitable in this shot since he is in the grass, but still they detract from the face.. to make the eyes sparkle, use a little fill flash.. turn on your flash and using the flash exposure compensation, set it to like -1 to -2ish. that will give you some nice catchlights and help emphasize the eyes, especially in dogs with black around the eyes..

thanks for sharing and look forward to more.

SteveDak Dec 30, 2005 1:33 PM

Hi Jak, Likewise welcome to a great forum where you will learn a great deal in a short space of time thanks to some very talented & experienced people here (of which I am not one I hasten to add, so be verycircumspect aboutany crits I might pass:G)

Agree withall thatDustin has said - learning to compose agood balancedcrop of the imageis a good starting point, at least it was & still is for me. The dawg don't look right without 'is nose!

thatsanicepicture2 Dec 30, 2005 4:09 PM

OK... This is a cool lookn' dog.

But for critiques... No eyes... No nose... Foreground paw cut off. Ouch.

There was a picture here. Maybe off to one side a bit. Nose or paw in the lower left corner.Fill flash. If he's calm enough you could move some of the grass out of the way. {We have a border collie and have never experienced calm}

But don't worry this is a nice picture of a nice dog.

You should repost this in Stupid Pet Tricks. Everyone will love this guy there.


jak3 Dec 30, 2005 5:05 PM

thanks eveyone, i actually didntcrop this, just got too close:-)

oh btw, my name is really jake but that user name was taken:mad:

surfnron Dec 30, 2005 7:09 PM

Just 2 things to add:
1) Welcome to Steves. Everyone here is very nice, (well, almost everyone :blah:), and if you don't like one critique, just scroll down a little for another.

2) If you get too close to the subject, just turn the camera 90 degrees. I think that would have made your photo much better.


thatsanicepicture2 Dec 30, 2005 7:34 PM

jak3 wrote:

thanks eveyone, i actually didntcrop this, just got too close:-)

Don't let this set you back. That D70 is a great camera and I'm sure you have
good pictures to show. Sometimes it's safer to post in other then "Critiques"
forums. But what do ya learn?


PS:I post in the other forums andit's a lot of fun. Make sure you get Oliver down there. He's a shoe in at Pets.

Aumma45 Dec 31, 2005 8:29 AM

Jak, it is always a joy to have new members join this very humble family of learners. Here they shoot without missing but that is the only way you will learn.

Dale, I do not post anywhere else but here cause I think this is a great learning opportunity.

He he he Happy New Year to all of you folks.


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