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my first pic taken this morning. Newbie here so comments &critiques appreciated..
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It is not bad photo at all, taking into consideration that it is first one..... hope to see more..

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Old Apr 14, 2006, 10:37 AM   #3
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if your main focus was the dew onthe leaves then i would consider cropping out the pink flower in the corner, my eye went immediately to that, but nod bd as Zak said, for your first shot with a new camera.


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As an exercise... consider taking a few pictures from various angles. Print them out 8 by 10 if possible. Study them from a distance where you fist held in at arms distance in front of your face just covers the picture. ( aprrox.3 feet). Pick what you consider the best. Look for bright spots that might pull your eye away from your point of interest. Which compositions avoid this. Look for leading lines that bring the viewer into the point of interest. Look for compositions that use the rule of 3rd effectively. Look at the backgrounds. Do they add or detract from the point of interest. Put your images away for a week. Study the images from Steve's. Go back to your images and critique yourself again. Aim to be your own worst critic for brief periods of time but remember set that aside and enjoy the art you create.

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Old Apr 14, 2006, 4:33 PM   #5
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You have done well to get the exposure nice and neat.

You have also done well to get your focus point in check. At this point i dont think you have any issues with using the cam to achieve well exposed and focused shots. Like suggested try walking around your subject and getting different angles.

try getting your main subject to like up some how with the 1/3 mark or 2/3 mark vert or horzntly. Also try to free ur shots up of any busy bits which dont reallyh contribute anything to ur shots.

Also have a play with different fstops so you can see the differing dof outputs so you can determine a good setting to use when composing your next shot.

Overall i think technically this is a good shot. Exposrure, sharpness, focus and dof are all working nicely.

Maybe just work on trying to compose your subject in different ways into the frame. Diagonal comp, into 3rds, s curves and maybe even a lil random stuff works too. post em and see how you go

If you re into Post processing prob ur crop tool will be one of your greatest assets. This will also help u try differnet compositions at home with differnet crops. Look online here and see how other ppl compose shots tht seem to resemble shots you have taken and see how they have composed them compared to you. Compare and develop.

350d is a great camera and will blow u away with its staggering results.


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Thanks for the feedback... Much appreciated.
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