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I've been lurking on the forums for a while now, ever since I was trying to decide what dSLR to buy. I finally decided to get a Nikon D70s about a month ago.This is one of the first night shots I took. It could be sharper I know, but we were traveling without a tripod on this trip, so my knees had to suffice

Any constructive comments ??

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very nice...had to glance up to see what forum I was in...oh boy...critique. Sorry no critique for you just a thumbs up. Love the contrast, detail looks sharp enough to me, and your knees couldn't have been shakin'. Always a pleasure to see good shots. Best regards,

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Welcome, and nice picture. There are a few I notice and those are, that there is some writing hiding behind the globe, that should either be completely visible or completely gone. The other thing is that there are a few distracting things near the bottom of the globe, which are things like the tree that is in the red of the arm, and the trees to the right. But keep shooting and have fun.
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Unfortunately, around the year 2000, the PTB's at Disney World decided to add a Sorcerer Mickey hand and wand with the name Epcot to Spaceship Earth, and there it remains. That is the hand and word you see to the left of the geodesic 'globe'. Trust me, I'd love to see Spaceship Earth looking like it does below (after I Photoshopped out the offending addition).

The structure you see in the bottom left corner is one of many marble monoliths that were added in front of Epcot's icon, so if you get the entire hand in frame, the bottom of the globe is obscured

I do agree that the above picture is a more balanced photo, but without a lot of post-processing, is not possible to capture.
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i prefer it left in tbh, more 'of the moment'... sometimes i find peoples crits too harsh asking for things in the shot to be moved which physically cant... is it better to have the shot, than not take it due to being upset a branch or something is in the way?.. my 2p again
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I also prefer it left in -- the shot has a surrealistic feel to it, and the cartoon hand only adds to that. For me, at least, the clutter at the side just acccentuates the "artificial" air to the photo. It has a strong visceral tug that is kind of hard to express, but I like it as it was shot.

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Welcome the forum. Nikon 70D is a nice piece of machine and glass, put it the best use and let's see some of your products. :G Regards. Jaki
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