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I was down on the shore over the weekend taking pics and ended up taking this. My initial reaction to the pic was that it was nice but it did capture realistic colors and it seemed very orange. I adjust the levels and color curves in photoshop to make it more realistic. I like more pics but am more comfortable with the realistic colors and gradients that are in the altered image.

Opinions would greatly be appreciated.
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Regardless of which one more accurately reflects what the scene looked like, I love the first one, and the second one just looks ordinary - beautiful, but ordinary. The first one really bathes you in the subtle warmth of the moment, which is, I suspect, what you felt, and what inspired you to take the picture.

I have many such images where the abience gets a bit over-cooked, as it were, but it works, and it creates a real "feel" in addition to a "look."

See this one: it was taken in a pretty ordinary place, but the settings I used on my camera (I have to confess it was somewhat accidentally) created this image. It is a bit of an exaggeration of what it really looked like, but I think it works.


-my $0.02
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Happy accidents are always a good thing and the same thing happened with mine actuall. I really like your pic, and either way we both ended with a good result.

Thanks for the input
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Those deep exaggerated colours often seem to happen when you take your exposure reading from a bright area near the sun. I got a few photos of sunrise at our beach, taking a reading near the rising sun produced stunning deep oranges and yellows while a reading from the foreground produced subtle pale shades. Intersting stuff.

What is the structure in the bottom right? Is it a Lifeguards watch station?

If it is I would think silouhetting that against a similar sunset would make for a very interesing photo. Especially if some detail of the beach could still be seen in the shadows - though that may not be possible.
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