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Default Newbie Pics

These were taken with an old Minolta DimageZ2. I have a Nikon D5000 that I bought a couple of months ago with the kit lenses (18-55, 55-200), an AFS 70-300 VR and a Sigma 10-20 HSM. Because of weather and work I haven't had many chances to shoot with it so I figured I post a couple older photos to see if some of the knowledgable posters here think I have the "chops" so to speak. I'll post photos from the new camera as more become available. Thanks for looking.
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really tough subject to capture, and really tough to capture it well using the panning method. Obviously, the focus is off completely in the first pic, and IMO cropped just a bit too small.

The second pic is more interesting to me. You've got the blur/focus almost right, and the super tight crop is not bad.

Keep working at it. post more photos. It doesn't matter if you, or anyone "has the chops" here... We're all just trying to help each other and improve.
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I agree the first picture is very soft and you're right the panning method with cars capable of the speeds these are capable of is very difficult. The payoff of getting a great shot is worth it though...at least to me. These were taken at the exit of a turn so the cars wern't going as fast as they would be mid-straight. The more I look at the second photo the more I like it. I thought the framing was a little off too, but to capture both the drivers helmet and hand is what I was going for, so in that respect it was successful. I agree the blur/focus could be better. Thanks for the comments.

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Second one is great! Great sharpness of the subject while also capturing movement with the blur of the tires and the background. Very cool looking car.

I agree with everything ewheeler said aside from that.

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First, for future reference - please post one photo only in the critique section per guidelines for this particular forum. Now that the public service message is out of the way:

1. Don't care for framing on either shot - generally too tight.
2. Shot 1 is out of focus so as a photo it doesn't work
3. Shot 2 has better sharpness but again such a tight crop doesn't work for me when it's behind the driver. A shot from a bit more head-on that's tight on the driver and you get great detail on the front shield can work. I see from TG's thread you've already seen his work which demonstrates my points above. While I shoot a number of sports, I don't shoot any type of racing. It's always best to get advice from someone with hands-on experience in the specific sport you want to shoot. So, TG is a great resource to learn from.
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Sorry about the two pic post. I had no idea. I agree with you about the framing and focus on the first pic, but there's somthing about the second shot that makes me want to keep looking at it. I have other shots that have better framing, some in focus some not so much. Keep in mind that these were taken with a camera with capabilities no where near the Nikon I just bought so I'm optimistic about the potential. I won't have race photos to post from the D5000 until next month (Bosch Engineering 250). As far as TG's work...it's super nice and I can't wait to get some advice from him. Thanks, guys, for the comments.
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I used to shoot the local races. I would position myself at the end of the curve so the cars would be coming out of their turns facing me. or at just an angle so that: I could see the driver, side of the car, hands, tires screeching, LOL, and get 'interesting' things happening...and that usually was on the turns! You know, like hitting the water cans....or each other. Or spinning out then jumping out and shaking their fist at the other driver...etc.
I would get more of the car in, too tight a crop and doesn't do much for me.
I would always pick a few cars to follow, favorites say. Ones which stood out color wise or had some special paint job...or whatever. Less haphazard that way. (I also would drop by and give them a disk next week of the shots).
I do this for fun, not money, so the track was not too upset.
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