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Old Oct 6, 2005, 11:38 PM   #1
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well, i broke down and purchased the tokina 12-25 f4... just had to try it out despite a 25mph wind (never good for long exposures!).. anyways, here is one from my test run tonite, let me know what you think..

btw- is the building crooked, or is it an optical illusion, i really can't tell, so i left it in original form..


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Old Oct 7, 2005, 4:17 AM   #2
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Hi Dustin,

I personally think that it is slightly off... no more than a single degree if anything.... still a photo...

The building is really really cool! Looks like aliens have landed! You really do have some cool scenery around you - I am really jealous...

I don't really understand what the lens is all about that you have just purchased. I have recently started a photography course and it is using film cameras so I have dug out an old Pentax which has a couple of cool lenses (50mm with f1.4-22,a 20-70mm with the same range, and a 70-210 with f2.6-f22)and I am maybe thinking of getting an *ist so I can keep these lenses? Would like to wait to see if Pentax keep up and go for an 8mp camera first.....

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Old Oct 7, 2005, 4:26 AM   #3
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I understand your on the hunt for a subject for your new toy, so while I think you've probably made a very good job of the available views here, I'm left wanting more from this.

Cant put my finger on it. (oh ok I can actually opps)

Would you hate me if I said... its a tad boring.... ? thats the main problem

In more detail - (and of course which is only mypersonal view on composition)

The foliage I find a bit annoying - too dark, the building is not quite central, yet not quite offset. Yes it is slightly warped, but this is due to your position relative to the building I think. Or did you mean not aligned to the horizontal ? In which case it might help the overall appeal if it was rotated slightly. I don't usually go for totally black night sky, but in this case its not to bad next to this building.

The blue lit roof and the building is fairly nice and interesting, so I think there might be a shot waiting there from another location.Actually I pass fairly nice buildings, lit up in cities fairly regularly and almost stop to shoot and have done in the past. Always to be left with my results thinking ... mmm "looks a little boring"with thatcity guide book kind of look.

Anyway to sum up - Yip, its ok, but just not the best I've seen from you Hards. However purely due my personal tastes and photographic interests, so hope your not on a downer now.

Hey, its nice to have new toys... right.

Take care.

ps.I checked out the website... nice work there.
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Old Oct 7, 2005, 5:38 AM   #4
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i don't find it boring. it does have an other-worldly feel to it, i like the smoothness of the rail leading in to this glowing building. the building may be slightly off but because of the curve of the railing, that doesn't bother me. the only thing i don't like is the tree to the right. it disrupts the composition for me and seems out of place. over all i think it's a pretty cool shot.
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Old Oct 7, 2005, 1:42 PM   #5
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For what my 2 cents are worth, I agree that it is the perspective that gives the illusion that it is crooked. I've never worked with tilt/shift lenses, but I think this is a horizontal example of the same effect they correct (if I understand them correctly). Since the camera back isn't positioned perpendicular to the radius of the building, the right hand edge is a bit further away, leading to the asymmetry. The rails appear to be perfectly vertical so I don't think it was the camera level. I guess whether or not to correct depends on which looks more distracting - the apparent tilt of the roof or rails that may appear to tilt (I suspect the rails wouldn't be too noticeable).

I think that the other thing that distracts is that although the rail draws you towards the building, it leads into a bright patch that tends to compete with the roof.

BTW, I appreciate reading many of your posts (and seeing your pics). Your willingness to post a less than perfect picture reinforces the truth that good photography is not just about spotting great photo ops, but in getting the right angles and paying attention to so many details. It is clear that you work for your many great shots; they don't just spring into your camera.

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Old Oct 7, 2005, 3:51 PM   #6
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hey everyone

thanks for all the comments.. i think maybe i will clone out the tree.. and maybe shave a bit off the right side, though that is going to ruin the line of the rail coming out of the corner, so maybe i won't..

the trouble with america is, that ppl think it is imperitive to plant trees and shrubs around EVERYTHING... there is literally one of those little trees that you see in the right side every 15 or so feet around the whole building.. and shrubbery around every walkway or anything.. so it really did limit my shooting angles.. another problem was that there is rather bright lights on many sides of this building.. they were impossible to include as they would burn out or ruin the rest of the exposure..

LB- no offense ever taken.. i want honest critique, and appreciate the effort to explain what you don't like.. and can relate to your comments on the difficulty in shooting buildings at night.. i do the best i can, but alot of times as you say they are rather impersonal and can be boring.. the problem being right now, i have way more time to shoot at night than i do during the day, so i will keep trying..

anyways, i am going to keep working on learning to shoot this ultrawide lens, and will keep showing examples as i get them.. the biggest thing is keeping track of all of the realestate... shooting at 12mm there is a lot of FOV to keep interesting.. so you really have to hunt to find scenes with good foregeround and something to fill the space between it and your subject.. but it sure is fun, if you guys n gals ever get a chance to try out a superwide (i.e. 10 or 12mm on a aps, or 17 on fullframe) give it a try, its fun!


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Old Oct 7, 2005, 6:07 PM   #7
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They would probably look askance at your cutting down a tree or two for the sake of art.

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Old Oct 7, 2005, 9:17 PM   #8
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Dustin, the building by itself would be on the boring side of dullsville, but the inclusion of the handrail was a stroke of genius !!

Shame about the tree, but as you say, what can you do composition wise ?

Speaking of which, it would look better still if you took out about half of the dark sky. maybe slightly more, to create the illusion you shot from an even lower perspective.

Would look much better IMHO.

BTW, it is down on the right. A correction of 1.11 degrees, well spotted Dom !!

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Old Oct 8, 2005, 4:45 AM   #9
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Being a junior sometimes I find it hard to follow the comments. The technicalities are sometimes confusing. I know pro comment on these photos but wish they could say some of things like they are speaking to a six old.

In my humble contribution, I think you will have to get used to the ultra-wide lens. Many positive points already pointed out but the railing seem to distort proportional effect in the photo.
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Old Oct 8, 2005, 11:58 AM   #10
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Aumma45 wrote:
.......the railing seem to distort proportional effect in the photo.

that is entirely the point of the ultrawide here.. to emphasize the foreground in relation to the rest..... shot with a more normal lens, if possible,the railing wouldn't have been so nearly intresesting at all..



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