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Default Nikon p520-one of the first pics

Clicked this in auto mode, had no idea of other settings then. Critiques help.
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Pretty nice!

I had to look, because of your title. I tried out the Nikon P500 way back when and gained a healthy respect for what it was capable of.

I don't shoot flowers. I tried to take a quick picture of my wife's flowers since they bloomed yesterday, but its just a snap to record it. That's about all I can say about that. <grin>

As for your picture . . . I really like the soft background. It really isolates the flower.

A couple of suggestions I would make would be to find a flower that is in better shape. This one seems to be welting? Nothing to do with the shot, but just what comes to mind.

The other thing would be to either find a flower that is in the shade, so that you don't have such harsh highlights on the flower itself. Or find a way to diffuse the sunlight hitting the flower to reduce the highlights.

Take care, Glen
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will kepp that in mind, Thanks
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Other than what 'tactic' said and I agree about the background softness. try cropping the distracting leaves on the sides make it portrait shape.

Also try with aperture 'A' preferred mode and use the widest stop you have. 2.8 for example. and perhaps reflected light off a white card instead of direct sun. (you may need 3 hands... or a little help. )

Another way to show off a flower is to use a black card or cloth a couple of feet behind the flower as a different way to make it pop. Then lastly, a lot of folk who shoot flowers keep a spray bottle of water to give the flower a "Just after the summer shower" look.

You're showing a good eye there, so keep at it.
"You are who you pretend to be."
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