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Hi Djazz, there were a couple of things in here I really wanted to try. Hope you don't mind. I took out the tree above and below the goose, and took out the tire tracks. I love the shadow of the goose on the snow so I enhanced it a bit. Best regards,

The tire tracks give me a sense that someone has been there and the tree gives it a feeling of depth.

While I do not believe my above statement, I thought I'd share the kind of opposition I would have received from Ken if I had dared to make the same suggestions. I tend to stick to the compositon as is rather than attempting post fix-ups. The tree is a good example of what the photographer never sees when shooting a scene because our brains tune it out because it is not interesting or is a distraction.

Following the goose a few frames further would have prevented capturing the tree. Also, if your camera offers continuous shooting then shooting several frames may have done the trick.

There is a cyan color cast to the edited version.

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Thanks KennethD and Rodney. Rodney, I have to agree with you. I think when KennethD took out the tree and the tracks the picture became sterile to me. Also, you're right I never saw the tree and when I saw the picture I was surprised it was there! I like the composition as is. Thank you all for your comments.

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