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You have misread, or rather misinterpreted what I have said.
Sorry but have to be honest with you here. It makes me think... "takes a silly person to do this", thereforethe photograph for mecant be taken seriously."
Having read this again I can see that its not really your fault that it is misinterpreted. It was badly explained.

The "takes a silly person" though is not directed at you. It was more a sentiment within the photograph and my instinctive reaction to it, and was meant impersonally.

It is hypothetical. The sense I feel from the shot is the silliness of the action of this pose combined with being in rushing water with your clothes on. That is the initial impression that comes over from the photograph the instant I look at it. I'm was not laughing here at any point, rather trying to explain to you in the best way I could, the sentiment "your" photograph conveyed to me. As I've said the"silly" and "stupid" commentsare not directed at you or the girl, but at the story withinthe photo, and shouldn'tbe taken personally.

Obviously I do not know yourself or the model, soI wouldnotmake any pre-assertions.But if you directed as photographer someone to eat ice-cream while under a shower, I may try to explain to you in a similar way as to why the shot wasn't working for me. Maybe I would say:

"the shot doesn't work for meand her beauty is not forthcoming in an obvious way because it gives me the feeling she is silly or even insane. Thus spoiling the sentiments of the shot I think you have intended. The expression and the location contradict in merit. However if she had an unusual, strange, quirky pose and look on her face, there may be more possibility of it working as a composition and story."

Is this more understandable..... ?

Whether you valuean opinion fromme is another matter, however this is a critiques forum after all. People post here, or should be posting here to understand the sentiment their photograph conveys as well as technical photographic issues. Like I mentioned, technically you took the photograph as well as could be asked, butcompositionally wise, I thought it looked "silly". Still do. Again tell me if I am wrong but I don't think this was the intention of your idea.

I admire yours (and your friends)willingness to experiment to obtain something different. Exactly the sort of thing you need in photography. However this does not change the fact that this photograph just does not work.

My comments are not written with any arrogance or with any offensive tone running through my mind. If fact I went out on a limb after reading the other comments in being fairly straight with you. I would congratulate you on willingness to step out of the conventional norms and hope you continue to strive for originality. It will eventually pay off. I would prefer to see much more efforts like this on these pages than so much of the other stuff that is posted with very little imagination.

Whether you are learning or not (oh I've never taken any courses either) you'll learn to realise that others opinionare what its all about. It will become very boring loving your photography for yourself. It can be very subjective depending on the type of photography but the more opinions I can get the better. That way its easier to put into perspective how good the shot really is. If I get 10 valued positive reviews and 1 or 2 that are negative.... I'm gonna know where I stand all the easier. For good or bad.

Anyway I'm sorry you were offended.

Best wishes


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This shot hits me with the feeling that most people would just not lay down in their clothes as she is wearing to have their picture taken in this way.

Now if she were wearing a bathing suit of some sort then it would not look so out of place as it does to me.

The pose looks a bit stiff and not convincingly relaxed and I think it has alot to do with what she is wearing that gives me that impression.

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Hello LBoy,

Now after reading your reply, it's my turn to say I am sorry for having misintepreted or misread your previous comments.

Also I really appreciate your generousadvice on the following post. Let's forget about this misunderstanding.

Kind regards,


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