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Default A pair of photos

My bride of a short 20 years ties these two photos together. In the first, she's in the Badlands of South Dakota, USA taking photos of the gorge.

In the second, she's standing in Loch Ness, looking for the monster.

Please comment on the photos.

Faithfully yours,

Well, it appears I need help. I have gotten an error message from the uploader. It says my file is the wrong dimension. It needs to be 1024 x 1024? What does that mean? I'm using Photoshop elements to size the photos.
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Default Photos

Here they are. (I hope).
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#2 would be my favorite of the pair, nothing else quite like a good single malt and a bit of Nessie watching.

I have trouble losing everything in the background with shots like your first example. If you could get a lower angle on the shot then your wife would have the sky behind her instead of getting lost in the endless ridges. I am not sure how that is supposed to work since you were trying to photograph a canyon.
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Definitely much better contrast between her and the water, defining your subject better.
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Landscape portrait can be tough. Trying to decide whether to give more emphasis on the person or the landscape is sometimes a tough call.
The great thing about digital is you can take many photo's, zoomed in on the person or wide for the landscape with the person being small or distorted (which can sometimes be a good thing). The trick is trying to get them to stay in the same spot long enough to snap up all the different proportions.

My wife of 23 years is mighty tired of staying put for that one last shot. But she does pleasantly suprise me sometimes.

What's the time span between photo's?
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The second one looks good , and well positioned in frame. I wonder if a circular polariser would have made a difference.

My attention is drawn to the horizon in the first one which seems to ascend to the left. I also think that the colour could be given more pop.

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