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Default Photo Critiques Guidelines - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Would you like honest opinions on your photographs, as well as honest suggestions on how they may be improved?

Well you are in the right place, welcome to the Photo Critiques forum. We have revamped and reinvigorated the old Critiques and Techniques forum for the new decade.

You don't have to be the best photographer to post here, on the contrary, this is the place for ANYONE, regardless of experience, looking to improve (if we are honest that is all of us) their photography skills.

Some Things to Remember:
  • Check your pride and ego at the door. This is a place for honesty, and for constructive criticism. And because we all have varying opinions, we will not always agree. Which is a good thing! So, when posting be aware that people are likely to give a critique on your work, and not everything will be positive (none of us are world renowned so can improve). But, when critiquing please remember that there is also a person behind the photo ,who has feelings, so be honest, but be constructive at the same time. This is NOT the the place to rip someone to pieces.
  • You do not have to be an experienced photographer to give a critique. Anyone, regardless of skill or experience can have a useful opinion that can be useful for a photographer of any skill level.
  • Please only post one shot per thread for critique so we can focus in on your work rather than trying to talk about a set of photos. A great way to use these forums is post a set of images in a genre or camera make forum, and choose single photos from this set that you want extra feedback on for sharing in the Photo Critiques forum.
  • Please keep photograph sizes to those appropriate for view on most monitors, a good starting point is 800x600.
  • By posting in this section you are allowing people to help you by editing your original photo and posting again as long as this is done to share ideas and give insight into how things could be changed that might improve the shot.
  • Not all of us like the same thing, so just because something is not your taste it doesn't mean that it is not a good photo, or if it is your taste it doesn't mean that it couldn't be improved.
  • This is not the section to just say "Good photo", so please give an explanation of why you think it is a good photograph. What are the elements you like, rather than just a thumbs up.
  • Most importantly: Keep shooting, keep posting, keep learning, keep improving and have fun!

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