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Default Pictures of Grandaughter

I took these pictures of my Grandaughter yesterday.
IMO they are not bad but could a little " Perking up "
My PP abilities are limited . I have GIMP anf Photoshop Elements 2
The origionals are sharper
Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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The photos capture her joy in winter very well. The tricky part of this shot is the snow. It looks blue, but my guess is that the rest of the photo would look wrong if you made the snow whiter -- snow tends to look that way in shadow, but it still looks off in a photo. You might be able to tone it down a tad (maybe ease off on the saturation and then tweak the WB just a bit warmer). But I am far from a master at these things.
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Default Angle

As a tall person, I must be certain to take my own advice.

I think you might like the photos better if you got closer to your granddaughter's level.

The photos look like you were standing up and shot her at a steep downward angle. And I don't think that angle enhances the photos. (Of course, that's a personal preference)

Did you, or would you, consider, dropping to one knee and shooting her from that position? I am told that a good staring place is to have the camera about waist high to your subject so she's more proportional in the photo.

Maybe one of the more experienced photographers will chime in on this. I'd like to hear their thoughts on this subject.

Kindest Regards,
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Hi Fred, I'm back! I was able to whiten the snow with the sponge tool set to desaturate, in PSE 4.0. Then I gave her face a little color boost, and some unsharp mask to the whole picture. FP's advice on the shooting angle is very good, you will see a difference in your shots.
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