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Trying myself in portraiture
Please tell me what you think

My very patient wife.
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do you have one with both eyes in the light? for me its quite good except for her right eye being in shadow...


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Old Oct 21, 2005, 11:36 PM   #3
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Thanks for comment, Dustin!

Yes, I have more. A lot. On my today's level I have to take 100s of shots to get a couple of good ones.

Here's another one. Eyes are in light here, but the rest needs more PP,I think.
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Old Oct 22, 2005, 12:36 AM   #4
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1st Image:
You have your key light a tad too close to your subject in the first image which is causing the shadow across the eyes. You have a bit too much skin in the composition as well. Until you have the skills to lead the viewer directly to the subject's eyes, you'll find it much more effective to avoid bare arms. In a low key scene as this the Center of Interest will be the brightest area in the scene which should be they eyes. Post work is a bit heavy too.

2nd Image:
Better, though the lighting is a bit boring. Key light is too low and a higher camera angle would have been more flattering.

The framing is a bit awkward feeling to me. Try different crops.

Clone out the shine on the bottom lip.

Again, the post work is a bit too heavy. The subject almost looks like a wax figure.

Thanks for sharing!

Rodney Blair
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Old Oct 22, 2005, 2:06 AM   #5
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I think the first photo is right, apart from the right eye in the dark. If you had used a fill in light would it have solved the problem? Keep the attempt up.
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Old Oct 22, 2005, 6:36 AM   #6
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In addition to the comments already given I would also suggest the subject not be so square with the camera. The shoulders maybe 45% to the camera, head less than that and tilted. I also do not like the background in this shot. My attention seems to be pulled to it, trying to figure out if its an actual backdrop, leaves, etc.. That and it almost looks like a color -b/w attempt.
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Old Oct 22, 2005, 5:31 PM   #7
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First one is very nice, but shadow over one eye is distacting. Second one, I find the subject, and her expression, are appealing...very pleasant to look at, the symmetry seems a little off to me tho. I don't know if it's cropped or not, but it seems to me the balance might be better if there were equal amounts of background visible over each shoulder. There is a crisp focus, (nice) and her skin tones are so light that they might be more appealing if either the background were a tad lighter, or there was less light on her face. You've captured her beautiful eyes very well. She certainly projects a relaxed natural image here, a very nice model. Best regards,

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Old Oct 22, 2005, 10:58 PM   #8
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Thanks a lot, guys, for your comments. I really learn a lot from them.

Rodney! Your comments are always right to the point. I cropped 2nd image this way for the same reason you've mentioned: to avoid bare arms. Agree, doesn't look right. With post work I tried to hide not so perfect make-up. About ligths positioning: I think my problem is that I jumped to strobes from very beginning ( cheap ones). Probably I should play around with hot lights for some time to learn how to position them to get results I want.

Widowmaker! She is actually lying on the floor and leaning on her elbows. Thats the other reason why I cropped it so awkwardly. Background is real, I don't have many of them to choose yet. I have croma key background, but I'm not that good in changing it yet.

Thanks again to everybody!
And special thanks to KennethD for kind words. From me and my wife!!!:|
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