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I guess you can say that Iam aspiring to become a "semi-prophotographer", mainlydoing pet portraits for profit in the future. I recently got aNikon D50 with this thought in mind,but am still VERY new to it. I plan to take a photography class to improve my technical skills, butafter shelling out for the camera, I will have to save a bit first!!! In the meantime...I would love some feedback (esp. technically) on what Ican do to improve! Right now I'm admittedly very "point and shoot" about it, so I would really like some SPECIFICS, on different settings especially, that would benefit my shots.

Itookthis pic this weekend at a Greyhound event in Dewey Beach, DE.It had rained all weekend, and this was the "nicest" day...still very grey, and my beach portraits came out very "blah". (Perhaps partially b/c the sky is nearly the same color as the water?) I am posting the original, unedited version (just sized down a bit from the large original file).

Weather aside...how could I have made the shot better? (Camera settings, etc.)

Or alternately, how can I adjust it digitally so that it doesn't look so... dark and blah? Please comment! Again, specific technical advice much appreciated! :-)

Thanks in advance-I'm looking forward to learning and improving!:|
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well, the weather really worked against you here.. as the colors are muted and the background is boring and dull.. but thats not your fault..

some things you should try..

learn to use your Av or aperture priority (may justbe A on a nikon, not sure).. this lets you control your aperture, and thus your depth of field (dof).. when shooting portraits you want to choose an open (or a lower number, i.e. 2.8 is more open than 8.0).. this will give you the background blur you are looking for.. but when shooting landscapes and such, you would choose a closed (or bigger number) aperture in order to get more DOF, which will allow your scene to be in focus..

learn to use fill flash well.. this will allow you to fill in shadows and such on outdoor portraits, it will also give the eyes that catchlight we are looking for.. usually when fill flashing you will want to use your flash exposure comp (FEC) and dial in a negative number... try -1 to -1.5 as a good starting point..

fill the frame, there is too much empty space here..

try some different angles.. get down low and shoot up towards them, or shoot less straight on.. experiment, come up with some ways of capturing things..

and the list could go on forever and ever, but you will pick up on it.. just get out of point n shoot mode and start experimenting.. keep a log and try to do more of what works well and what doesn't work so well..

good luck and keep the posts coming..


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I am afraid Dustin is right about the weather and technicalities . I happened to be in London recently on a very gray and dull day on account of the weather. I must say it is the dullest and grayest day I ever had to photograph . Nearlly all my photos look gray and dull. Can't post:idea:
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Wow, thanks so much for the suggestions! Your post was really very helpful.

This was literally my first chance outside with my camera...so I'm still very unsure of what I'm doing! My camera does have the "A"-aperature priority- setting, which I admittedly have notused at all yet...so thatwill definitely bethe next thing to try out.

I'll keep snapping away...can only get better, right??

Thanks again for the advice on different settings to work with...

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