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I took this shot the other day, but no matter how hard I tried, either the windows were burnt or the chairs too dark.
Is there any way to prevent this? I guess bracket it and combine in PS is one way, but a simpler way with the camera.

I'm a total n00b to anything other than P&S and am getting confused by all these terms.
I've heard a bit about metering, but im not too sure what it is and how to do it.
My camera has a setting to change the metering from 1-30secs, i think.
The manual is kinda useless, just tells you how to change the setting, but not how to actually 'meter'.
Is there anyone with an *ist DS/DL who could tell me how to use this function.

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I wonder if you could shoot in RAW and then you would have the dynamic range of 16 bits versus 8 while you edit in photoshop. Once in phototshop you could play with the levels more effectively.
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One thing that would help somewhat, is to reduce the conrtast setting, but that will only give limited improvement. If you really want detail in bothe the dark and light areas, you only option is to bracket and blend to a HDR image.

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there is just too many stops of light difference between the sun and shadows on this one for a digital camera to handle..

you will need to bracket an exposure and blend them in HDR.. no other way to keep detail in both for this shot..
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on the plus side, i think it is nicely composed and would be interesting to revisit.
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Further positive: tight crop too. Regards. Jaki
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