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carylwithay wrote:
Noise is also called grain and is not necessarily undesirable. I have always used it for texture.
I agree noise/grain does have a place in photography. I think it works especially well in B&W to creat a more foreboding dark image. I think its a little tougher to use grain to good effect in color images. In the first image the grain doesn't do enough to soften the image to the point of abstract and only takes away from the color of the rainbow (at least IMO). The second image is more effective in demonstrating this technique.

You raise an excellent point though....all images do not have to be tack sharp or completely devoid of noise to be effective.

Thanks for bringing something a little different to the forum!!
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I like the double rainbow shot very much. It is more abstract and, IMO, effective than the first photo. In this one, the raindrops and "noise" do not detract from the image at all, they simply and effectively set the context.
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Thank you so much.
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That last double shot is awesome - especially like the rain drops and I agree with lady, they definitely create the atmosphere.
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I like them both as they are original.

The first says more to me.

I like the feeling of being shielded from the elements existing outside. The rainbow also adds warmth and balance to the rough elements.

Leave it as it is or manipulate in a thousand different ways and I think this would still look interesting. At the moment I like the muted tones. Gives a dreamlike feeland as I've mentioned also detaches yourself from the elements. Itportrays memories of similar situations I've been in watching a rough sea from a warm car.

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