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KENNETHD Apr 15, 2006 12:10 AM

MarkString wrote:

That paragraph was very difficult to read.
I'm not surprised. I fell asleep twice writing it.

thinpaperwings Apr 15, 2006 3:39 PM

That's funny: I thought it was very eloquent. : )

KENNETHD Apr 15, 2006 3:42 PM

thinpaperwings wrote:

That's funny: I thought it was very eloquent. :)
Nudge nudge wink wink...I just didn't want to bore anyone and will take the blame for being long winded. Thanks, TPW...


In search of Syd Apr 15, 2006 4:35 PM

True words of wisdom if I ever heard them and as near a philosphy statement for Critiques as anyone could hope for.

I only fell asleep once! :lol:

Always look on the brightside of life . . . I have learnt a few lessons here.

SteveDak Apr 16, 2006 4:47 PM

LBoy wrote:

100 posts of similar or for that matter snaps of various objects is hardly stretching yours or our imaginations Syd.
The samemight besaid of your repeated posts of blurred motion, butIhave not felt compelled to comment negativelyon yourphotographic activities, just because Ifindthem boring. Others apparently still findyour workinteresting, so a sense of common decencydictates that I should respect your efforts and the interests of others. You would do well to consider exercising the same courtesy.


The forum is really trashed don't you think. No real content any more and certainly no real critique. I mean everyone has left.
You have expressed a personalopinion here,as is your right on a public forum (regardless of whether that opinion hasany merit, oriseven justifiable, or not).

Yourcomment concerning the qualityof the currentcontributors to this forumand theirsubmissions is however demeaning in the extreme and reflects an insensitivitycharacteristicofsomeone pre-occupied with themself and their own self-importance. Since the character of a forum is determined entirely byits members, you are implying that the current contributors here are 'trash'. Neither a particularly helpful nor encouraging point of view, I would venture to suggest.Although you might consider yourselfto bethepedagogueof all matters photographic,othersdo not and thankfullywill notafford your ill-conceived commentmuch credence.

Sweepinggeneralisations such as 'I mean everyone has left'are of no valueand serve only to emphasise your own selfish motivation.'Everyone' has not left, otherwise this forum would not still be in existence.Some have movedon and itis now clearthat you believe that certain of these people, whoever they might be, were the onlycontributorsto this forum of any real substance- other than yourself of course, who apparently in your opinion, remainsa lonely light shining in the darkness of a photographic abyss.

KENNETHD Apr 16, 2006 6:16 PM

As you can see from my moniker I am going on 2 years now as a member. Not that long really, but long enough to see changes. I perused this site for years before actually joining. I have evolved somewhat. I've learned more about photography, I've learned a lot more about digital cameras. I also learned a thing or two about the give and take on the forum. To comment on the view that people have left, is a bit premature, I think. From email exchanges, and PM's with some members, and then added to that the insight gained from reading the forums, my conclusion is that we all have other things to do, and Steve's, while a significant part of life for us in this hobby, gets from us what we can afford and when we can afford to give it. (Ya, being retired I have more "time" on my hands than you) I refer to time and effort. It's understandable that not everyone can keep up the level of contribution they give, all the time. We have had personality clashes from time to time, and disagreements stemming from photographic issues have led to unpleasant posts back and forth. If you follow this forum for a long time, you'll see things change. You'll see members change, and the general spectrum of photographic posts goes from one pole to the other. We are far from a static bunch. Nothing stays the same for long. To conclude that people have left, when this forum is less than two years old, is a bit premature. To conclude that the flavor of posts we see now will be the norm from here on in, is premature as well. It's more likely that some of us are just exploring various ways to be creative. As I have said before, there's a broad spectrum and infinite possibiliies in our hobby. Sooner or later, whatever topic thrills you, whether it is serious artistic and technical brilliance, toabstract creativity, or static displays of natural color, or just a photograph thats plain intriquing, this is where it will turn up sooner or later. The same can be said of our members. Just when you think they have gone walkabout forever, up pops a post from them. Tho opposing points of view are unavoidable, and some give and take is entertaining, when all's said and done, IMO we owe each other the courtesy of keeping serious remarks limited to our photographic perception. Amen. (Ok where's the little thingy with the halo??? I mean it W A S a sermon.....)



In search of Syd Apr 16, 2006 6:25 PM

What about the strawbwerries? :?

vindolanda Apr 17, 2006 1:21 PM

Lboy wrote:


I know this is going to stick out as less than friendly, however its not my intention at all.

I really sorry for this Syd. Your obviously a good guy and from what I've seen on some occasions - a fine photographer.

Still I love you though..... really! :?

Don't forget this was added to the original post. So why the witch-hunt here?

I think its her thing to be controversial. Maybe to get the point over, I don't know.

Anyway I agree, its almost an impossible shot to critique. No one here has anyway. All I can add or say is that it is sharp. I wouldn't like to list the negatives.

If people would spend more time concentrating on the photography rather than these flaming wars to responses they don't like, the site would be the better for it.

Steve and Ken, What possible help have you added. Why not post a critique and be of some benefit instead of propagating the obvious clique's on these forums.


E.S. Crawford Apr 17, 2006 1:48 PM

i think the edit i quite bitchin', dude!


KENNETHD Apr 17, 2006 2:01 PM

vindolanda wrote:

Steve and Ken, What possible help have you added. Why not post a critique and be of some benefit instead of propagating the obvious clique's on these forums.

From time to time, especially in critiques...we clash on what the purpose of the forum ought to be. Like any family, we squabble a bit. No harm done. We get to know each other better, and understand each other's point of view. We all kiss and make up. We're more effective than the United Nations...


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