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shaggydoo Aug 11, 2005 4:45 PM

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from same place,

Hards80 Aug 11, 2005 5:25 PM

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it was just a tad overexposed and thus was a little bit lacking on saturation.. so i played with it a bit.. i may have overdid the saturation a tad, but it does give it a velvia-ish look..

shaggydoo Aug 11, 2005 6:10 PM

That's pretty awesome!!The image looks much better now!


peripatetic Aug 12, 2005 2:11 AM

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To be honest I'm not too keen on the composition, the picture is missing a focal point. Once again IMO we have an in-betweener, too much context to be abstract, but not enough to be an interesting landscape.

That's not to say that there isn't a lot of potential fun in the shot, and it was certainly worth photographing, but to capture the mood of what you probably were looking for you are going to need a much wider angle lens. Also the light isn't particularly good for a landscape shot.

Absent good light or an ultra-wide lens for a landscape; or a cute chld/furry animal/supermodel/etc to put in the picture to make a great snapshot, there is still a lot that can be done with reflections.

I'm not sure how much detail you have in the original, but I had a bit of fun with it.

Can you see the monster hiding in the water?

Or if you look at it a different way - it's a cute furry chick with an open beak and looking toward the right of the picture.

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