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I took this shot in a little creek in Wimberly TX. I was using a d50 with 18/70 lens. Original shot was rather pale and using Nikon View it may appear over processed. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks Mark
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I like the composition, but you may want to watch your farthest bank, may want to correct that horizon a little, it doesn't look horizontal, it looks a littlesloped to the left (looking at the picture) of the picture. Just my two cents.

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That image really makes me want to get out there with my canoe. The water is so still... I love taking images from (and of) the water. To me this image doesn't seem overly processed at all. I especially like the tunnel effect to draw in the viewer's attention. I wonder how this image would look with a little more usm?

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Hi Mark,

I like this one a lot.

It's nicely composed with the end of the 'tunnel' nicely on a third. Great reflections, and lovely saturation. It really draws the viewer in. Did you have to wade out there to get this shot?

Only thing that bothers me slightly is the branch in the foreground at the bottom, and the one coming down from the top centre... they distract, and the one at the bottom also covers over what would be a great reflection. I doubt there's any way you can clone them out, because it would be too difficult and look rather obvious, given the complex pattern of the reflections. Only thing for it on this one would be to crop - but as I already mentioned, your composition's pretty much spot on, so you don't really want to change that. Plus, cropping wouldn't fix the top-centre branch.

If you live nearby and had a chance to go back, you could make a saleable quality image with a few foliage alterations .

If that's not an option, you should be super happy with what you have.



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Definately on the wonk to the left hand side - however the reflection is crystal clear and the shot in general is very sharp! The bit at the bottom left is a little distracting but not too bad... and the extreme distance is a shade hot - minor points for a really cool shot.

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Thanks for the replies. I tried some cloning on those front branches last night. That was a real trick, trying to keep the tree reflections straight and all the branches looking real. Probably didn't help it any. It's about 120 miles away so probably won't be back for some time. Thanks again for the comments....Mark
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