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Hi... I am not too sure about the last shot. I think you have got the idea on the conversions... each has its own place. She makes for a good BW conversion as she has nice hair/skin tone differences, but on this last shot you lost a little on the left (the hand and cigarette) and right (foot)of the shot. I would say lose the shadowy border too doesnt do too much for me. Not sure what anybody else thinks?

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The problem with the last one is that it is simply not a nice photograph if your aiming at glamor. Plain and simple. You have however done very well with the others. This last one does not flatter.

Unless of course your in some way trying to make a differing statement with this.Though tell me if I'm wrong - your intention is of a glamor shoot here and not documentary. ?

I like the first few in terms of pose. In the second pose you almost get away with the lighting in the sepia conversion, but not quite. They all need the highlight brought down on the fore leg, and the shadows brought up on her left eye. But only selectively, so as not to knock out the rest. Use lasso tool to select the ares, or use history brush to isolate these areas...

Sorry i don't think any of your colour ideas are that good really. The sepia ones are bearable. I don't mean to sound harsh, Just honest.

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Thank you for your honest reply.

It was the point of putting those photos under critiques to have a reply since I show only the photos that I had doubts.

For the second tree photos I like the pose and expression of the girl so I just wanted to know which one to keep, and using of the sepia conversion is my try to escape from a regular b/w conversion. Also sepia conversion would try to look like an old photo or you have any other suggestion how to make an old-age photo.
On the other hand I'm not yet good photographer when shooting without flash and that is why the shadows are still have to be improved.

Also, the girl-model is very youngand not easy to make a glamour photos...plane and simple yes, but without trying-------------NO LEARNING.

regards Zak
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